Get Creative with "The Developing World" Mindset

Innovation guru and international speaker, Fredrik Haran talks about the danger of defining yourself as “developed”, versus the advantages of looking at yourself as “developing”.

The Developing World Manifesto

You are the developed world.
I am the developing world.

You think that most things have been devloped.
I look for new opportunities.

You look to your own part of the world for good ideas.
I look everywhere for the best ideas.

You know all about your world.
I know all about my world. And yours.

You are stuck in the old infrastructure.
I absorb and adopt the latest technology.

You teach.
I learn.

… …

Fredrik Haren is the author of The Idea Book, which was recently included in the book “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

His book “The Developing World” has just been published. For the book Fredrik interviewed more than 200 people in 15 developing countries.

Fredrik has been invited to speak in more than 40 countries and done more than 1000 speeches.

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