Hollywood celebrity magician Johnny Wu available to speak in Asia

Johnny Wu

Hollywood celebrity magician Johnny Wu leaves audiences in awe not just because of his amazing skills in the art of magic, but also through his inspiring backstory.

Johnny discovered magic at a young age and used it as a means to gain confidence and survive in a foreign land. Johnny’s success story includes becoming an entrepreneur, pursuing a high-powered career while maintaining a young family and so much more.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Johnny Wu:

Johnny Wu is a magician and a speaker. Sixteen years ago he was an exchanged student in Canada. At twelve years old I was at a foreign country by himself and couldn’t speak a single word of English. he was bullied and picked on by the 8th graders. That experience destroyed his self-esteem and confidence as a young boy. One day he discovered magic as a universal language. Magic gave him a new identity so he could “fit in” at school, start to make friends and gain confidence. Fast forward 16 years he is now 28 years old. Without any magician mentor, he has studied ancient Chinese mysticism, sleight of hand, modern technology, mind-reading, hypnotism, telepathy and he can now truly provide an experience of “Real Magic” with a twist of modern technology.

Magic has been life changing for him as a young entrepreneur. Magic had given his a chance to survive school’s social life, to make his Asian parents proud (this is real magic), to have the ability to marry the girl he loves and to provide a decent life for their newborn daughter. Now, he would like to use the same magic that changed his life to change people’s perspective and influence people’s belief.

When people hire him, they are not just hiring a typical magician or speaker. They are hiring someone who can provide a REAL MAGIC experience for the conference! Because human brains don’t remember messages well, but we remember experiences and lessons, especially if you are experiencing for the first time.

Through his keynotes, Johnny shares his story of how an Asian magician survived in the most competitive Hollywood market and became number one—making his family and his homeland proud! He motivates people to transform perspectives, inspires customer centricity and improvement of results. He touches upon topics such as such:

  • how to go from quantity to premium quality
  • how to think outside the box and be innovative
  • how to not chase the sales but be the chase
  • how to become a premium closer and not a seller
  • how to add the magic touch to improve result dramatically!

Johnny‘s keynotes are:

  • Build Instant Connection: Treat others how they would like to be treated
  • Tenacity: The Difference Between A Successful Person and Others Is Not A Lack of Strength, Not A Lack Of Knowledge, But Rather A Lack of Will
  • Truth: Discover Propect’s Pain
  • Trust: Value in Advance

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