Jason Sosa Spoke At Financial Conference On How AI Will Change The Way We Work

Jason Sosa

Jason Sosa, CEO of Azara AI, recently spoke at a financial conference on “The Future of Work: Beyond ChatGPT” .

He discussed the rapid evolution of AI technologies and their growing importance across various industries, including banking and finance. He explored emerging trends in AI, moving beyond conventional applications to groundbreaking innovations in AI agents. These agents, distinct from traditional chatbots, possess advanced learning capabilities, autonomy, and the ability to perform complex tasks without human intervention.

Jason envisioned a future workplace transformed by AI agents, where autonomous workflows streamline task execution, decision-making, and team collaboration. He shared case studies that highlight their impact across sectors, and discussed strategies for AI adoption, emphasizing practical integration into daily operations.

Jason Sosa

Jason SosaJason Sosa is set to illuminate the transformative potential of AI agents within the banking sector and beyond, emphasizing their evolution from simple chatbots to sophisticated entities capable of autonomous workflows and complex decision-making.
Jason Sosa is the founder/CEO of Azara.AI. He works with a team of PhD researchers at Azara to make artificial intelligence more accessible for business.
Previously exited two startups, including an NYC venture-backed AI company. Management consultant raising $100M+ in total for client projects.  Global business advisor and entrepreneur, advising dozens of seed to series-B startups working directly with founders and CEOs. EIR/advisor to $20M early-stage LATAM venture fund based in San Francisco. TechStars, 500Startups, and Plug and Play alumni. In 2017, founded a blockchain project around a statement of work protocol for decentralized remote work.
Featured in CNN, Wired, Esquire Singapore, and The New York Times. Jason is an internationally recognized speaker at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, Singularity University Global Summit, TEDx speaker (4x), Stryker, NUS Business School, Women in Tech Keynote, Inman Connect, MIT Enterprise Forum, NYC Meetup, and Augmented World Expo, and USC Aiken Chancellor Signature Series Keynote.
Jason’s keynotes are:
  • The Future of Work and Education
  • Artificial Intelligence and Business Use Cases
  • Blockchain, Bitcoin, digital dollar, Web3 and the digital economy
  • The Coming Transhuman Era

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