Jonathan Yabut and Raju Mandhyan Spoke at MNC Staff Career Conference

Jonathan Yabut

Inspirational speakers Jonathan Yabut and Raju Mandhyan are invited to speak at MNC staff career conference in the Philippines and where welcomed by a very engaged audience!

At the conference, Raju Mandhyan presented on the “Igniting Performance Excellence” topic, sharing his insights on:

  • Enhance professional presence and gravitas at work and beyond
  • Conceptualize messages clearly and creatively
  • Communicate with precision and confidence
  • Earn and cultivate trust through behaviour and conscientious action
  • Build and nurture productive teams
  • Influence authentically and compassionately in all situations

And Jonathan Yabut inspired the audience on “The Art of Career Charting & Crafting” topic:

  • The Two-Way Street: Understanding the “match” between your career goals and the company’s mission for success
  • The 3 Winning Elements of career progression: Visibility, Performance, Relationships
  • The Winning Mindset through Ikigai: The connection between your purpose and your corporate success

Jonathan Yabut Raju Mandhyan

Raju MandhyanRaju Mandhyan highlights and then helps eradicate the fine line that divides creative thought and constructive action when it comes to leadership development. For over 10 years, he has worked and delivered powerful results with audiences of seven to seven thousand across the Asian-Pacific region. His heart-smart approach towards vision building, goal-setting andperformance enhancement guarantees long-lasting results for your events and executive development needs.

He has a large background in manufacturing, exports and international trade. He has been trained in multiple modalities for human capital development like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Whole-Brain Thinking, Life Orientations, American Management Association’s Trainer, Arbinger Institute’s Leadership and Self-Deception; and International Coaching Federation’s specific training for Life Coaches.

He has lived and grown in three cultures_Indian, Ameriacn and Filipino. Currently, he lives in the Philippines and when not speaking or training he plays tennis, does scuba and is life- long yoga practitioner.

Raju’s Top Five Workshops / Talks:

  1. Igniting Performance Excellence with Authentic Influence©
  2. Communicate Effectively across Cultures
  3. Creative Thinking and Problem Solving with Mind Mapping
  4. Solution Focused Selling inspired by The HeART of the CLOSE
  5. The HeART of Living Intentionally

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