Ken Hughes: The Captive Economy – Understanding the COVID-19 Consumer

Ken Hughes

Ken Hughes, Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist shares insights on how to understand the COVID-19 consumer in his new keynote “The Captive Economy”.

Ken shares how this disruption is reshaping social and behavioral norms and consumer values. He believes that it is essential for businesses to prepare for change, find new ways to communicate, new ways to pivot, new ways to stay relevant. Specifically, he addresses questions like:

  • What does our post Covid-19 consumer now value?
  • How can we deliver on these values during lock-down, controlled economic activity and further into business as usual?
  • Will there ever be an ‘as usual’ again?
  • What will the next 6 weeks, 6 months and 2 years look like and what do we need to do now to prepare, survive and thrive?

In this speech, we explore the new values of the Captive Economy consumer and how these values will change what they expect from brands and business as a whole. This is a revaluation of consumer values, and learning how to best leverage these new values for your business success.

Understanding the psychology of captivity can teach us about current consumer expectations, and how the new values of Health, Collaboration, Community, Freedom and Digital First need to be inherent aspects of what your business delivers now and over the next 12 months.

When hard times are over, businesses that invested in relationships always win. This isn’t about getting through a month or two – this is about digging the strongest foundation you will ever have for brand advocacy and loyalty into the future.

In every crisis and change there is significant opportunity. Don’t be the victim of change, be the victor.

3 Key Learnings:

(1) Be proactive in terms of empathy and learn to ‘sell’ without selling. This is not the time to lead with a commercial message. Connections must be genuine and needs based as opposed to marketing or commercially led.

(2) Learn to embed the new values within your product/service proposition and reflect them back to consumers within your communications. Values shift over time and unless you mirror them back to consumers and prospects, your relevance will start to slip.

(3) Community Collaboration has become central to surviving the crisis for many, and is a key building block for brands to build tribal followings and brand communities. Learn to speak the new language of ‘us’

Watch the videos below to learn more:

Ken HughesxKen Hughes is Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist. He is a global thought leader in the areas of shopper psychology, consumer behaviour, shopper insight, demand-led retail technology, biometric shopper research and digital and omnichannel.

He is a part-time lecturer in Consumer Behaviour in University College Cork, and a regularly invited keynote speaker on the international industry conference circuit. His interests extend to neuromarketing and behavioural economics, with particular focus on their application to shopper motivation theory. Over the past 13 years, as founder and CEO of Glacier Consulting, he has pioneered developments in shopper behaviour insight, particularly in the fields of ethnography, endomethodology and biometric shopper research.

His presentations are inspirational, energetic and humorous, full of relevant case studies and Irish wit. His expertise, together with strong practical knowledge from his consultancy experience in Category Management and Shopper Marketing, results in a strong client base across retailers, suppliers and third party agencies.

Clients mainly include large international blue-chips: 3M, Heineken, Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Walmart, AXA, Kerry Foods, Unilever, Mars Masterfoods, Nivea and GSK.

Ken Hughes has been voted as the best conference speaker at:

  • Innoday DLF Conference –Sweden
  • ECR Annual Conference  – Ireland
  • ECR Europe Global Conference – Belgium
  • Tecnomarketing AECOC – Spain 

Ken‘s speaking topics:

  • Sensory Retailing – Leveraging emotion and the 5 human senses to trigger incremental demand and engagement within CPG retail environments
  • Experiential Retailing – Changing the focus in retail from ‘places that sell things’ to a shopper experience that builds shopper loyalty
  • Shopper Irrationality: We’re All A Bit Crazy – Applying behavioural economics to shopper motivation and using an understanding of human and consumer psychology to trigger sales
  • Shopper Biometrics – The application of biometric measurement to shopper journey insight – literally inside the mind and body of the shopper

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