Marc Hauser jumped as the first man ever into the jet stream

Marc Hauser

Swiss entrepreneur and skydiver Marc Hauser accomplished an amazing feat last June 2018. Marc jumped as the first man ever into the jet stream, from a height of 7,400 m (24,300 ft.).

His goal is to underline the potential of high-altitude winds as a worldwide energy source. The documentary “CHASING THE JET STREAM”, filmed and produced by world acclaimed filmmaker Claudio von Planta gives an astonishing insight to this pioneering and daring project. It is being aired on BBC World News on 1st, 8th and 15th of December 2018

“High winds are very powerful but nobody yet taps into this energy to generate electricity at an industrial level. If we would use the high-altitude winds we could power the whole world in a sustainable way. With my first jump into the jet stream in June this year I want to bring attention to the manifold startups which are developing pioneering systems to produce energy from high- altitude winds. I wish that this initiates more innovations to make this promising vision reality.”

Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser is a Swiss entrepreneur, accomplished skydiver and in-demand keynote speaker on motivation, risks, courage, success and more.

Marc’s keynotes are fueled by his diverse experience in various fields.

  • As a world record-holder in extreme parachute jumping, he flew at 304 km/h over an entire city and is therefore the fastest person in horizontal free-fall.
  • As a conceptual artist he sold the second most expensive picture at his first exhibition – without really being able to paint.
  • As an entrepreneur, he established the naming agency erfolgswelle® Ltd. as a leading agency in Europe – within just six months.

Marc Hauser believes that the principle of reaching your goals remains the same, whether it is in extreme sports or in business. Marc shares his secret instruments to success to management people, human resource teams, sales managers and open-minded agencies. His passion, experience, scientific insights and Swiss charm captivates audiences and inspires audiences worldwide to act the moment the leave his speaking venues.

Marc‘s speaking topics are:

  • Courage and motivation
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Extreme sports, fear, and risk
  • Implementation expertise and will power

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