Matt Friedman ESG Presentations

Matt Friedman

Mr Matt Friedman, CEO of The Mekong Club, has been busy speaking at different ESG conferences and events. He particularly focuses on the (S) social of ESG: What is the investor role in combating human trafficking?

Content of his presentation:

  • What is human trafficking/modern slavery and what are trends across Asia?
  • What are organizations doing to address management risk related to human trafficking/modern slavery?
  • Why is human trafficking/modern slavery important in evaluating the social performance of a company?
  • What kind of metrics should investors look at to investee companies during due diligence process?
  • What are the business cases of companies with poor performance in social aspect?
  • What are trends related to financial reporting and how are they changing based on emerging legislation?

Matthew FriedmanMatt Friedman is a leading, internationally renowned global expert on modern slavery and human trafficking. An award-winning public speaker, author, filmmaker, and philanthropist, Matthew regularly advises heads of governments and intelligence agencies. As the founder and CEO of The Mekong Club, Matthew is considered the leading catalyst of the anti-slavery movement in Asia’s business sector by captains of industry.

He has managed and directed tens of millions of dollars to major humanitarian portfolios impacting millions of people for the U.S. State Department (USAID), and the United Nations. His work over the last 30 years of pioneering and managing international anti-human trafficking and public health programs in over 40 countries has given him access to many influential networks in different countries throughout the world

Matt has given speeches in more than 30 countries. Here is a sample of keynote speeches offered to clients: ACCAMS; American Express; Asia Society; BNY Mellon; Crimestoppers International; CSR Denmark; Dicks Sporting Goods; Geographical Society; HSBC Bank; Intercontinental Hotel; Justice Conference; KPMG; Mandarin Oriental; McKinsey Institute; MGM Hotel; Reuters Antislavery Summit; Singapore Marketing Society; Standard Charter Bank; and United Nations Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

A sample of corporate headquarter presentations include: Amazon; Bank of America; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Cathay Pacific; Coca Cola; Columbia Sportswear; Crayola; Disney; Hallmark; Kathmandu; Kodak; Lane Bryant; Li and Fung; Limited Editions; Lululemon; Macquarie; Mandarin Oriental; Microsoft; Phillip Morris International; Thomson Reuters; Scotiabank; Swire Group; and the Vatican.

Matt’s keynotes are:

  • Modern Slavery: An Overview
  • Human Trafficking: An Overview
  • Modern Slavery and the Private Sector (Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality)
  • Be the Hero: Be the Change
  • Embracing Hope: My 30-year Journey
  • Achieving a Breakthrough: How to reach your Full Potential
  • The Anatomy of Leadership
  • My Cancer Journey

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