Nobel Prize winner in Economics Peter Diamond in Hong Kong!

2010 Nobel Prize winner in Economics Peter Diamond will be in Hong Kong this December. Seize the chance to engage him for your event to inspire your audience!

Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond was awarded the Nobel for his seminal work on search theory, the theory of the frictions and incentives involved in the process of matching. He is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known for his analysis of U.S. Social Security policy and his work as an advisor to the Advisory Council on Social Security in the late 1980s and 1990s. It was announced at the end of 2010 that President Barack Obama was to renominate Peter to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors.

Widely considered a world expert on labour analysis and an incredibly distinguished economist, Peter Diamond has embraced the role of public citizen, conducting highly influential research over five decades on a remarkably diverse range of subjects. In addition to his presentations on market analysis, he offers tailored talks on topics such as public finance and taxation, Social Security, labor markets and behaviour economics. His invaluable presentations make him a highly sought-after speaker at prestigious events all over the globe.


  • Analysis of Markets with Search Frictions
  • Regulation and Economic Policy
  • Pensions & Taxation
  • Labour Analysis
  • Capital Markets and Risk Sharing

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