Olivier Oullier – Learn, Adapt, Unlearn, Repeat

Olivier Oullier

Prof. Olivier Oullier is a neuroscientist and former Global Head of Strategy, Health & Healthcare, World Economic Forum. In his recent keynote at the “Global Education & Skills Forum”, he shared his insights on how we can improve our cognitive flexibility to prepare ourselves for the future.

Olivier combined the topics of re-invention, cognitive flexibility, policy making, education, Roger Federer, Fourth Industrial Revolution, and more into one thought-provoking keynote.

Watch the video below to find out what he means by “It looks like in our brains, emotion and rationality are intertwined–what I refer to as emorationality.” and “When we talk about unlearning, it’s not negative..”

Olivier OullierOlivier Oullier PhD, is President of EMOTIV, the world leader in portable, scalable, and cost-effective brain measuring and cloud-based analytics solutions.

Olivier was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, and sitting on France’s Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology, he has (co-) authored more than 200 scientific and mainstream publications. He currently writes a column on neurotechnologies “This is your brain on business” in Fortune Magazine.

Prior to joining EMOTIV, Olivier has held several esteemed positions such as:

  • member of the Executive Committee and the Global Head of Strategy in Health and Healthcare of the World Economic Forum
  • professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Aix-Marseille University
  • director of the Neuroscience and Public Policy Program at the Center for Strategic Analyses of the Prime Minister of France

Olivier designs, implements and evaluates evidence-informed multi-scale behavior and system change strategies for public and private organizations. He has developed a proprietary methodology allowing to assess the gap between intention (what people say/think they do) and action (what they do in their daily activities and environments).

Olivier‘s speaking topics are:

  • Social Neuromarketing
  • Embodied Economics
  • Emorationality
  • Consumer Neuroscience

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