Rob Lilwall: Lessons from Adventures

Rob Lilwall is best known for his epic, 30,000 mile Cycling Home From Siberia expedition. The solo bicycle journey, which lasted three years, took him from the far eastern edge of Siberia back to London, via such wild corners of the world as Siberia in winter, Papua New Guinea in spring and Afghanistan in the summer.  He is also just back from his recent new adventure:  Walking Home from Mongolia
What did he learnt from all these adventures and how relevant are these lessons for the 21st century workplace?

Acclaimed Motivational Speaker in Hong Kong from Rob Lilwall on Vimeo.

    • Effective goal-setting: breaking a mammoth task into smaller parts, thus setting sights on one achievable goal at a time
    • Daring creative thinking: when unexpected problems arise to hinder individual and team progress
    • Self-Discipline: which must start with the small tasks, but makes an incredible difference in overall progress, especially by circumventing future problems
    • Resisting the fear of failure: having the confidence to commit to the task, even when the negative voice in one’s head, or the pessimist in the office, insists that that it is impossible ahead
    • Keeping and boosting the morale of the team: by learning not to hold grudges or take offence too easily, and to instead keep talking to team members, and enjoy the challenge
    • The power of networking and genuine courtesy to get you ahead: there can be extraordinary consequences from being good at networking and courteous to all
    • Above all, persevering under pressure: and to follow Winston Churchill’s advice to “never, never, never, never give up”. The answer to many of life’s problems is to just keep on going forward

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