Rudy Lim: Big Tech business trends that will boom after this pandemic

Rudy Lim

Rudy Lim, former Head of Fintech DBS, who is currently venture capitalist and digital transformation expert, shared his insights on the big tech business trends that will boom after the pandemic in his recent article.

Everything digital, from e-commerce, online collaboration tools to digital marketing etc, all sees accelerated growth because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read his article in detail for insights for your investment and business decisions and click the image below to watch Rudy’s discussion:

Rudy Lim

Rudy LimOver the past decade, Rudy Lim has encountered entrepreneurs at all stages of growth, both locally in Singapore and globally, in his dual capacity as investor and mentor. He stands firmly by the notion that technology should be used to create value for society.

Rudy’s role as Head of Fintech at DBS allows him to further this notion. In order to disrupt traditional means of banking and maintain DBS’ foothold as the leading bank in the region, he finds that integrating FinTech solutions into DBS’ core business becomes increasingly necessary.

Prior to joining DBS, Rudy was with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) as a venture capitalist and dealt with strategic innovations. There, he worked closely with media startups to develop new business models and generated fresh revenue streams across SPH’s extensive range of media and engagement platforms.

Rudy’s keynotes are:

  • DBS innovation story
  • Corporate tech acceleration
  • Fourth era banking, first principle thinking
  • Co-creation workshops

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