Simone Heng Spoke at Harvard University on Connecting in a Disconnected World

Simone Heng

Simone Heng, author of “Let’s Talk about Loneliness” recently spoke at the Harvard University on “Connecting in a Disconnected World”.

There’s a global loneliness epidemic. Every one of us has experienced feeling lonely, even if we don’t realize it. The modern world has changed how we live and the ‘village’ environment with spontaneous connection has been replaced by remote work and contrived relationships. Most importantly, the old stereotypes of what loneliness looks like no longer hold true — in a world where technology has made us more ‘connected’ than ever before, people of all ages are feeling alone.

Simone shares her journey to understanding the value of human connection and explains how to distinguish authentic relationships from fake substitutes. This definitive book on loneliness shows us how to build meaningful relationships with those that matter the most, forge new friendships, and create the genuine connections we all crave.

Simone HengSimone Heng is a human connection specialist and former international broadcaster for, among others, Virgin Radio Dubai, HBO Asia, and CNBC. With over fifteen years of experience as a communicator on air, on stage, and one on one in different countries, connection has always been her life’s work.

As a speaker, Simone inspires people to connect in a world thirsty for connection. She has spoken to thousands, and often for Fortune 500 organizations. Her clients include Google, ByteDance, Salesforce, SAP, Meta, the United Nations, and many more. Simone and her work have been featured on CNN and in Forbes, SCMP, TEDx, Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, among others.

Simone is based and was born in Singapore but has also studied in Switzerland, was raised in Australia, and worked in the United Arab Emirates. She has a communications and cultural studies degree from Curtin University of Technology.

Simone‘s keynotes are:

  • The Future of Human Connection
  • The Power of Human Connection
  • Human Connection Webinars Connect Authentically via Technology
  • Connect via Video
  • Human Connection and Resilience

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