Speakers Connect Brings Renowned International Speakers to Asia


Asian audiences and organizations are hungry to experience the best speakers from around the world, and at Speakers Connect we’re devoted to bringing them just that. By representing many of the most successful and renowned international speakers practicing today, we strive to help create a more understanding and collaborative world than anyone has ever seen before. By remaining selective with the speakers we represent, you can rest assured than any individual you hire represented by us will provide you and your organization with an unforgettable experience.

Aside from our incredible stable of professional speakers and our untarnished commitment to representing cutting edge thought-leaders, there are a number of reasons why you should work with us for your organization’s events. For starters no one understands Asian markets and Asian audiences as thoroughly and effectively as we do. Based in the cosmopolitan center of Hong Kong, we operatein one of Asia’s major cultural and economic hubs.


·       At Speakers Connect we guarantee an unprecedented understanding of your local culture which a non-Asian agency just won’t understand. Through this understanding we will make sure we provide you with the most appropriate and challenging speakers to meet your organization’s specific needs and to speak to your employee and member’s specific background.

·       At Speakers Connect we know how to do business in Asia. We are well versed in the particulars of each Asian country’s business and economics cultures and don’t apply a global “one size fits all” approach to communicating with our clients. We know that business in Asia works different than business in Europe or the United States and we are dedicated to bridging the gap between these different corporate environments to promote greater communication and understanding.

·       At Speakers Connect we only represent renowned world speakers to your events. We have spent years building up an incredible network of the world’s leading thinkers and lecturers and we have created the necessary channels and avenues to bring these world-class individuals to your country, to your organization, to your event. In addition to providing Asian representation to these global speaking powerhouses, we also provide representation for many native Asian speakers who wish to share their incredible ideas and insights to a more “home town” audience.

·       In addition to arriving from all corners of the earth, our speakers also come from a huge range of backgrounds. We represent speakers who come from the world of international business, from the academic sphere, from major media publications and programs. We provide representation for CEOs and authors, television personalities and consultants working with the world’s top companies.

At Speakers Connect, we aim to provide a single hub where all of Asia can find the best internationally renowned speaker to meet their organization and event’s particular needs. If you are interested in working with us than all you need to do is browse our Speakers Connect website to find the speaker you feel will best meet your needs. From there all you need to do is send a quick message to info@speakersconnect.com to