Speakers on Innovation and Creativity in Asia

Are you looking for knowledgeable speakers on innovation and creativity?  Check out our roster here:

Fredrik Haren
Fredrik Haren

Fredrik Haren: Global Professional Speaker, author and founder of creativity company interesting.org

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh: Futurist, innovation expert and CEO of Tomorrow

 Nils Vesk

Nils Vesk: Innovation Architect

Roy Horan

Roy Horan: founder and CEO of Innovea, expert on mindfulness and creativity

Jesko von den Steinen
Jekso von den Steinen

Jesko von den Steinen:  Creativity, Collaboration and Cirque du Soleil

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant: Creativity, Collaboration and Leadership

Chris Riddell

Chris Riddell: futurist, strategist and global trend spotter

Jordan Nguyen: The Next Big Disruptive Technologies

Frans Johansson

Frans Johansson: Innovation Thought Leader

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Digilogue: the convergence of the digital and the analogue

Vinh Giang
Vinh Giang: Motivation with Magic!

Dana Leong
Dana Leong: Two-time Grammy award winning musician

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