Su-Yen Wong, Cesar Harada and Nicklas Bergman Spoke at the Oracle OpenWorld Singapore Conference

Su-Yen Wong, Cesar Harada and Nicklas Bergman spoke at the Oracle OpenWorld Singapore Conference last month and it was a huge success.

Take a look at the presentation abstracts and some photos below:

The Future of Work … and What it Means for You
Su-Yen Wong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bronze Phoenix

With the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, new business models and jobs are being created – and destroyed – at a dizzying pace. This thought-provoking session examines key trends shaping the future of work, jobs of the future, and skills in demand. It will highlight the implications for individuals, organisations, and society; and challenge your thinking around what it takes to thrive in an age of disruption.

Taking On an Ocean of Challenges
Cesar Jung-Harada, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist

The ocean is where all life comes from, and our future depends on it. But we are killing the ocean with great diligence. In a time when scientific truths are debated as if they were mere opinions; politics, corruption, and ego undermine human cooperation, and our ability to implement solutions at scale and speed upon which the survival of our species may depend on. This is the journey of maritime inventions, collective learning, and how open technologies can contribute to developing local inventions for global impact. Creativity, compassion, and data are at the heart of this urgently needed transformation.

Navigating the Tech Storm – The Business Impact of Technology Beyond the Hype
Nicklas Bergman, Founder, Funder, Futurist

We’re entering an era in which technology will redefine who we are, and it’s no longer just a question of what it can do for us, but what should we allow technology to do. Digitization is highly relevant but only the warm-up. True disruption will come from a combination of new digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, AR/VR, the Internet of Things and quantum computing (to mention a few). How do you identify the business opportunities and steer clear of the challenges? How do you analyze technologies, assess business implications and adapt to this new reality?

Su-Yen Wong

Su-Yen Wong is an internationally recognised thought leader, professional speaker, and board director, who helps audiences around the world navigate the intersection of technology, strategy and leadership. Her perspectives are shaped by a unique blend of hands-on experience at the board and C-level in high-tech, business, and human capital gleaned over 25 years across Asia Pacific and North America. Her thought leadership and perspectives are represented in leading media worldwide including Channel News Asia, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg.

Su-Yen currently serves on the Boards of several public, private, and not-for-profit organisations. She has advised and worked with some of the world’s largest, most innovative, and complex organisations including Alibaba, AT&T, Becton Dickinson, Citibank, China Mobile, DBS, ExxonMobil, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, SK Telecom, and the Government of Singapore.

A sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator, Su-Yen has addressed audiences from the United States to Ukraine. She is also a regular guest lecturer and visiting expert at leading universities in Europe, Asia, North and South America such as IESE Business School, INSEAD, IPADE Business School, Singapore Management University and Yale University.

Su-Yen’s keynotes are:

  • The Future of Work
  • Leadership for an Asian Century
  • Human Capital 2.0
  • Women on Top
Cesar Harada

Cesar Harada is an French-Japanese Inventor, Environmentalist and Entrepreneur. He is Founder and Director of MakerBay and Scoutbots..  MakerBay is the Hong Kong MakerSpace for Social & Environmental Impact. Cesar is developing Protei – a revolutionary shape shifting sailing robot.

Cesar is a Former MIT project leader, TED Senior Fellow, GOOD 100, IBM Figure of Progress, Unreasonable at Sea Fellow, Shuttleworth foundation and Ocean Exchange grantee. Cesar won the Ars Electronica Golden Nica [NEXT IDEA] with his Master graduation project from the Royal College of Arts, London. Cesar has been teaching Masters at the Goldsmiths University of London, Versailles architecture School in France and lectured around the world. Cesar believes that nature, human and technology can coexist in harmony.


  • The Future of Education: Maker and STEM Education
  • Ocean Robotics: Shape-Shifting Sailing robots to study the ocean
  • Ocean Pollution: Sensor Network, open data
  • Citizen Science: how citizen can contribute to science and improve technology and the environment
  • Open Hardware for the Environment: how open technology and science can rapidly improve the world
  • 4th industrial Revolution, perspective from Hong Kong and Shenzhen the world new largest megalopolis
  • Innovation and Creativity
Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and futurist. He has worked as an entrepreneur and technology investor for more than 25 years. For most of these years, the primary focus has been on investments and business development in emerging markets, web services, nanotechnology, computing, new materials, and new media art. Currently, he is close to around 15 direct and indirect investments.

A couple of years ago, he got tired of endless meetings with bankers, lawyers, and boards of directors. He decided to take the technology bull by the horns, and find another approach. He therefore cleared his schedule, and embarked on this journey to understand where technology is taking us and if we are truly ready. Today, his time is divided between existing and new technology investments, a couple of his own skunkworks projects, and speaking and writing on the future of technology and business.

He is the strategic advisor to European Commissioner and to the European Institute of Technology on issues related to science, innovation and the commercialisation of technology. He is also a Scandinavian representative of the TechCast Technology Think Tank in Washington DC, and member of both the World Future Society and the Long Now Foundation.

As a writer, he is very interested in the merger of technology, society, and business. He recently published a new book on how to deal with new technologies from a business perspective called “Surviving the Tech Storm – Strategy in Times of Technological Uncertainty”. The book is about technology being, probably, the strongest driver of change today and that anyone in a management position, or anyone with aspirations to eventually be in that position, must understand how technology is changing business from the ground up.

He is also part of “Nordic Ways”, the 2016 key project at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C., USA. The final result of the project was a book of essays on how Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are facing economic and social challenges through what has been known as the “Nordic Model”. Authored by people from all the Nordic countries, all the writers have backgrounds in politics, academia, design, arts, industry, and civil society. This game changing book was released in October of 2016.

Nicklas‘ keynotes are:

  • Surviving the Digital Tech Storm
  • The Tech Storm 42 Briefing
  • The Tech Storm Workshop
  • The Tech Storm Paradigm

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