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Alpesh Patel, Founder of Mi-Fone Joins Speakers Connect

Alpesh Patel

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present Alpesh Patel, the found and CEO of Mi-Fone. Alpesh Patel is really a class of his own. Alpesh is a trailblazer both in business and in tech. This African Indian Entrepreneur made a name for himself selling large volumes of Mobile devices to the Chinese back in the 90s. Mi-Fone, […]

Robin Wheeler on Developing Entrepreneurship in Africa

Robin Wheeler was interviewed by eNCA (e News Channel Africa), which broadcasts across the African continent, where he talked about developing entrepreneurship in Africa by ‘being yourself for a living’. Watch the interview below… Robin Wheeler Entrepreneur, author and speaker Robin Wheeler coined the phrase ‘being yourself for a living’ in 1996 as an intelligent response […]