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Ben Casnocha: how to be more entrepreneurial at work with a growth mindset

Ben Casnocha

Ben Casnocha, award-winning entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker tells theCUBE “The best way to adapt yourself, to survive and thrive amidst all these challenges is to study what entrepreneurs do when creating amazing businesses.” In this interview, Ben is asked several important questions like “Is gut feel/intuition a critical factor for an entrepreneur?” and “What’s the […]

Ben Casnocha: The Start-up of You and Entrepreneuriship

Ben Casnocha, author of The Start-up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career, speaks about his new book at the First-Year Experience® 2013 conference. Great tips on how to thrive in your job and building a career by applying the lessons of Silicon Valley’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Ben Casnocha […]

Ben Casnocha Published Another Bestseller, The Alliance

Ben Casnocha published another bestseller, The Alliance. It was for four straight weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. The employer-employee relationship is broken. Managers face a seemingly impossible dilemma: You can’t afford to offer lifetime employment. But you can’t build a lasting, innovative business when everyone acts like a free agent. The solution: […]

Ben Casnocha in Asia in October 2014

We’re excited to have Ben Casnocha, award winning entrepreneur and author from Silicon Valley, in Asia in October 2014. Contact us if you wish to have him as a speaker! Ben Casnocha Ben Casnocha is an award-winning entrepreneur and author from Silicon Valley. He is coauthor with Linkedin founder/chairman Reid Hoffman of the #1 New […]