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Rasmus Ankersen – Hunger in Paradise: The War Against Complacency

Success produces complacency. It happens to individuals, companies and nations. But how do you stay humble when the company cashes in record profits, and how do you provide people with the feeling that they are standing on a burning platform when there are no flames in sight? The cure against complacency Rasmus Ankersen calls “Hunger […]

Rasmus Ankersen's New Keynote: How to Create Hunger in Paradise

Below you have the outline of Rasmus Ankersen‘s new keynote “How to Create Hunger in Paradise” “From a competition perspective, the iPhone is nothing but a niche product.” The famous words belong to Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo when he on the 17th April 2008, barely a year after the iPhone’s release, was asked if he […]

Rasmus Ankersen: Complacency is a Slow Death

Rasmus Ankersen, renowned motivational speaker and author of “The Gold Mine Effect” and “The DNA of a Winner”, shares his insights on complacency, giving Nokia as an example. Complacency is a slow death On the 17th April 2008, barely a year after the iPhone’s launch, the Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo famously declared: “From a competition […]