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Pamela Ronald: The Future of Food

Pamela Ronald

Pamela Ronald, plant geneticist, author and keynote speaker delivered a TED talk on how genetic modification of our food is not a bad idea that many people fear it to be.  Prof. Ronald spoke about the science behind organic farming, plant genetics and food production and shared how she and her husband, an organic farmer, are working towards […]

Mike Walsh: How the next generation will eat, share and tag the future of food

To understand the future of food, you have to start by examining the mindset of the next generation of consumers. Smartphones and photo sharing are changing the way that we think about meals and eating. But that’s just the beginning. What happens when restaurants, supermarkets and even food products themselves, start tracking the way we […]

Mike Walsh on Challenges and Realities of the Global Food Industry in the Future

Conference keynote speaker Mike Walsh examined the challenges and realities facing the global food industry in the future at IFT Food Expo in Chicago. Food & 3-D Printing: “The future isn’t simply an upgrade on the present — it is an invitation to think in an entirely different way,” says Walsh. That new way can […]