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North Korean Defector Speaker, Hyeonseo Lee, Available for Speaking Engagements

Hyeonseo Lee

North Korean Defector Speaker, Hyeonseo Lee, is now available for speaking engagements.Contact us at Speakers Connect if you are interested in engaging Hyeonseo inspire at your team. The video below gives is of Hyeonseo’s talk at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Here she shares her harrowing trials escaping from the North Korean regime, her defect to China, and […]

Memoir of Jang Jin-sung, North Korean Defector, Makes Global Headlines

“Dear Leader”, the memoir by North Korean defector Jang Jin-sung, is making headlines and hitting the bestseller lists overseas. “Dear Leader” ranked 10th in sales in English-speaking countries except North America, according to the Sunday Times of London. It has also been the top seller in the category of Asian politics on Amazon.com since its […]

Understand North Korea with Jang Jin-sung

Interested in learning in-depth the mysterious North Korea and its relationship with neighbouring countries? Engage Mr Jang Jin-sung, former propaganda poet for North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and one of the North Korean defectors, to speak at your upcoming event. Jang Jin-sung Jang Jin-sung 장진성, a former poet laureate for North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and one […]