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Celebrate Success of Jam Boy Fraser Doherty MBE!

We are so proud of our speaker Fraser Doherty MBE for his successes! Being awarded an MBE SuperJam has become a phenomenon in South Korea; preparing to sell £500k on a 1h home TV shopping show this Christmas! Co-founded Beer52, the world’s largest online craft beer retailer. Co-founded ethical coffee company Envelope.Coffee and visited Colombia […]

Fraser Doherty on his Entrepreneurial Journey

Fraser Doherty MBE, who a decade ago at the age of 14 set up the internationally acclaimed company SuperJam using his gran’s jam recipes, shared the adventures of his entrepreneurial journey. Fraser Doherty, now 24, set up SuperJam at 14, using his Gran’s jam recipes. After selling his produce at farmers’ markets and to delicatessens, […]

Fraser Doherty, JamBoy, Ranked #1 Marketing Speaker by Scandinavians

Fraser Doherty, JamBoy, has been ranked #1 Marketing Speaker out of 56 international speakers by Scandinavia’s biggest marketing conference, Bring.no. In his book and speeches to major companies (e.g. Kraft, IBM, Accenture, Allianz, HSBC), Fraser shares the funny and inspiring journey he has been on turning his Gran’s recipes at 14 years old into a […]