US Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan Joins Speakers Connect

Zoltan Istvan

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present Zoltan IstvanUS Presidential Candidate, bestselling author, humanitarian activist and transhumanism advocate.

Zoltan has often been described by major media outlets as “modern-day Ayn Rand” and “young Al Gore” thanks to his insights on humanity.

In his article, Zoltan Istvan shares more about transhumanism and its benefits and says:

The all-important role of personal freedom makes the two ideologies a natural fit for one another.

Watching the video below to learn more from him:

Zoltan IstvanZoltan Istvan is best known for his US Presidential run as a science candidate and he is often cited as the global leader of the radical science movement.

Thanks to his bestselling book The Transhumanist Wager, his powerful speeches and his presidential run, Zoltan has turned transhumanism into thriving global phenomenon. His book is being taught in a few dozen colleges around the world as a warning and inspiration about the future. His feature documentary (two years in the making) called “Immortality or Bust” is expected to be released in 2017. This new documentary is all about his ideas and campaign, including the story of his historic bus tour across America on the Immortality Bus.

In the past, Zoltan’s feature warzone documentary, “Pawns of Paradise”, on the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, won two documentary awards and played in film festivals around the world.

Zoltan Istvan has traveled to over 100 countries, and has a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Columbia University. Zoltan is also credited for being:

  • the founder of the Transhumanist Party
  • the author of Transhumanist Bill of Rights 
  • the communications Director at WildAid
  • a journalist for The New York Times Syndicate
  • an on-camera reporter for National Georgraphic Channel
  • a consultant for the US Navy (as a futurist)

He is currently a contributing writer for publications like Vice, Wired, Newsweek, TechCrunch, and The San Francisco Chronicle. He has also been  interviewed to be Libertarian Gary Johnson’s Vice President, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience (and dozens of other shows), and gave many speeches, including at Microsoft, the Global Leaders Forum, and the Financial Times Camp Alphaville (opening Keynote).

Zoltan’s speaking topics are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Editing are Changing the World
  • What Will the Future Look like in 2025?
  • How Long Before We Conquer Aging and Death with Science?
  • When Will We all Become Cyborgs?
  • Transhumanism is Exploding in Size and Billions of Dollars are at Stake
  • What it’s Like to Run for US President as a Science Candidate
  • Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Politicians?
  • The Future of Warfare is All Robots and Drones
  • How I Became the Leading Face of the Transhumanism Movement

Aside from all his accomplishments in the field of transhumanism, Zoltan is also a successful entrepreneur, national champion water polo player and is credited with inventing the extreme sport of Volcano Boarding (debuted on the National Geographic Channel in 2002). He is married to a surgeon, has two daughters, plays guitar and piano, and owns a vineyard in Argentina.

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