Marcel Daane: 9 Brain-Aging Sins That Kill Your Performance

Marcel Daane

It is Marcel Daane‘s personal mission to raise a deeper level of awareness that organizational success is dependent on the collective mental fitness of every stake-holder within the organization. He spends much of his free time researching and creating content that will help drive home that message.

He believes that one of the greatest challenges for any company is the understanding that even though performance may be the realm of the organization, the lifestyle choices that drive mental capacity for performance (managing stress, sound nutrition, exercise, alcohol consumption, and so on) are really the realm of the individual. What this means is that even though the company could never mandate that employees take better care of their brains, they can only try to inspire and facilitate it.

Inspiring and facilitating mental capacity in your circles might actually help you expand your positive influence and improve productivity for you and your team/organization.

In the short video below, Marcel enumerates brain aging sins we need to address to get better at performance:

Marcel DaaneMarcel Daane is the author of the globally acclaimed leadership book “Headstrong Performance” and the recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership and the 2016 Global Coaching Leadership Award.

Marcel is the son of a celebrated political activist, a decorated member of an elite naval intelligence unit with advanced degrees in Neuroscience and Leadership as well as Complementary Medicine. As such, Marcel knows performance and fully understands the mental and physical requirements to perform at full potential in any arena of life.

Marcel believes in making use of a holistic that combines health and neuroscience to help organizations in the important aspects of performance such as resilience, leadership capacity, mental focus, engagement, and adaptability.

Marcel‘s speaking topics include:

  • The Adaptable Brain – How to manage Change in this Ever Evolving Business World 
  • Fit For Performance – Improve Performance iwth Nutrition, Exercise and Neuroscience
  • The Neuroscience of Self-Leadership – How to Regain Control of your Brain with Emotional Intelligence 
  • Balancing Work and Life – How to Find Equilibrium in your Life, even when You Don’t See it
  • 5 Tai-Chi Principles of Leadership

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