Adam Fraser Publishing New Book Strive: Embracing the Gift of Struggle

Adam Fraser

Peak performance expert Adam Fraser launched his latest book “Strive: Embrace the Gift of Struggle” last February 19th and it’s already gaining praises!

In his new book, Dr Fraser talks human motivation and fulfillment and says that ‘The competitive advantage in business today is the ability to sit with discomfort….and focus on the growth and development that comes from the struggle.’ Find out more by watching the video and getting his new book Strive!

Stop chasing happiness and seek fulfillment instead

Strive shakes up everything you know about happiness, turns you around, and sets you on the track to true fulfillment. It’s not what you think―happiness is not found in achievement and luxury and having all the free time in the world. Humans are most fulfilled and feel best about themselves when they are striving towards a difficult goal that involves struggle and discomfort.

Dr. Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher who helps people strive for ’better’ in everything that they do; in this book, he shares his insights into the human condition and why happiness always feels just out of reach. Whether you’re looking to boost workplace productivity, or just need the motivation to go about your daily life, this book will show you the little-known truths about happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.

In working with groups from all around the world, Dr. Fraser has observed that the unhappiest and most unfulfilled people have low levels of struggle and challenge. Too much comfort robs them of a sense of purpose; they have nothing to strive for, because everything is fine the way it is. This book takes you inside the root of human motivation to show you how to live and work toward fulfillment.

  • Grow and evolve through embracing discomfort
  • Reframe struggle as an opportunity for development
  • Learn the three behaviours of striving effectively
  • Discover your motivation―and use it
  • Learn why you are most proud of overcoming the hard things in life
  • When you’re working toward a goal, you are engaged, motivated, and ready to take on the world. Once you achieve your goal, your happiness plummets―because nothing is left to strive for―unless you set your next goal right away. Strive provides the roadmap, and shows you how the joy is in the striving―not the destination.

Adam FraserAdam Fraser is a human performance researcher and consultant whose expertise is on how the high performance culture can be adopted in the evolving business landscape. His various researches contain a mix of neuroscience and positive psychology and has been brought to over 50,000 people in Australia, New Zealand and Asia through more than 600 presentations in the last 5 years.

His engaging talks include the topics of the psychology of performance, improvement of productivity, transformational leadership, engagement of teams, work life balance and development of high performing cultures. Industries and clients who have benefited from Adam Fraser’s research include CBA, Westpac, Optus, IBM, ABN AMRO, PWC, Asteron, AON, Tower, Local Government Managers Association, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Queensland Law Society, and the Department of Education.

Adam Fraser has also written several books including “Performance Flow”, “Sugar Daddy” and “The Third Space“. Aside from being an author, researcher and keynote speaker, Adam Fraser frequently featured in the media. He has appeared in the Australian Financial Review, CEO magazine, Business Review Weekly (BRW), Fast Thinking, Readers Digest, Human Capitol magazine and Management Today. He has held regular radio spots on ABC 702 and his own slot on Sky Business. He is also regularly on Channel 7’s Sunrise & The Morning Show, Kochie’s Business Builders, Channel 9’s Today show and Mornings, What’s good for you and Close Up in Auckland.

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