Alice Kaushal on Advising Businesses on Business Etiquette and Customer Services

Alice Kaushal

Alice Kaushal was on the front cover of the Examiner Weekender on how she runs her international business etiquette firm from Launceston, Australia.

Alice advises businesses on the manners laid down by business etiquette guru Emily Post, and updated for a globalised world almost a century later.

“Take the Italian jewellery company Bulgari,” Ms Kaushal said. “Each company has a certain, what they call, a selling ceremony. Now, if you have an Indonesian woman – Muslim – and a male sale adviser attempts to put a piece of jewellery on her, well, that would be considered really offensive.

“It’s little nuances of tweaking the training.”

Alice KaushalAlice Kaushal has an educational and professional background in the Airline and Hospitality industries. She has worked in the training and operational areas of the service industry for fourteen years. She writes on Business Etiquette for the “South China Morning Post ~ Classified Post” and BBC Good Homes Magazine, India.

Alice is truly a global citizen, she has, as she puts it, “lived and worked in every continent except Antarctica”. She has absorbed and enjoys diverse cultures and can converse in several languages. Alice has been trained as a trainer by the “Emily Post Institute” the international authority on Business Etiquette.

She is the Managing Director of Refine Consulting, which provides trainings on Cross Cultural Communication, Business Etiquette, Customer Relations and Enhancing Image, addressing a growing need for confident, competent, culturally sensitive professionals who are effective in the global market place.

Alice’s speaking topics include:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Cross Cultural Communications
  • Networking
  • Personal Brand Building

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