Arnaud Bonzom: How do the Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?

Arnaud Bonzom

Arnaud Bonzom, co-founder of Singapore-based platform Map of the Money, shared insights on the startup revolution and how the biggest companies in the world are dealing with this disruption.

In his keynote “How Large Organizations Can Work With Startups?”, Arnaud Bonzom will share with the audience how to navigate the unprecedented possibilities of startup engagement. Allowing large organizations to understand the differences between but not limited to Startup Competition, Startup Program, Corporate Accelerator, and, Corporate Venture Capital.

Learn more by watching Arnaud’s keynote below:

Arnaud Bonzom

Arnaud Bonzom is the co-founder Map of the Money, a Singaporean-based platform to connect amazing entrepreneurs to great investors in Southeast Asia. He is a frequent speaker at several international conferences including Slush, Tech in Asia, Rise and Web Summit.

Arnaud is active as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD and has cco-authored a report with INSEAD: “How do the Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?”which achieved press coverage across 28 countries and generated more than 120 speaking engagement invitations.

He has been invited by Accenture, Airbus, Allianz, Amazon Web Services, BMW, Deloitte, INSEAD, MERCER, NUS, Standard Chartered, as well as the Estonian, German and the Singaporean Governments, among others to share his input on Corporate Innovation and Startup Ecosystem. He has also received more than 160 citations in prominent media such as Forbes, Bloomberg TV, and Les Echos. His research is also quoted by leading organizations including Bain, SAP, BNP Paribas, and Orange.

His main research interest is in Startups and Innovation. More generally, he is fond of subjects which combine several if not all of the following themes:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Startup Engagement
  • Building a Startup Ecosystem

He is also the author of “The Asia Funding / M&A Newsletter” and the Singapore startup ecosystem and entrepreneur toolbox as well as a mentor at Entrepreneur First and Techstars in Singapore.

Arnaud is a former Venture Partner at 500 Startups where he was focusing on helping Southeast Asian entrepreneurs to succeed. Earlier in his career, he was involved in setting up and growing new businesses including for INSEAD as Assistant Director of Corporate Partnership Development. Prior to that, he worked at Business France as Trade Advisor in New Technologies, Innovation and Services.

Arnaud holds a Masters Degree in International Marketing and Business Development at SKEMA Business School as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Versailles.

Arnaud‘s keynotes are:

  • How Large Organizations Can Work With Startups
  • How Startups Can Work With Large Organizations
  • How to Navigate the Funding Landscape to Finance your Startup?
  • Introduction to the Singapore Startup and Venture Capital Ecosystem

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