Ashley Dudarenok Forbes Interview on How To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

Ashley Dudarenok

Ashley Dudarenok shares her insights on how to establish yourself as a thought leader, in her recent interview with Forbes. Here is a higlight:

Share something truly insightful.

You don’t want to just share general knowledge, you want to share deeper insight. “Share something beyond the obvious that they can’t just find online, and don’t hold yourself back because you’re afraid to give too much away,” advises Dudarenok. The more insightful your content is, the easier it is to establish your authority and build credibility.

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Ashley Galina DudarenokAshley Dudarenok is a China marketing expert with twelve years of professional experience in the region, and she is fluent in Mandarin, Russian, German and English.

Ashley is the founder of several startups. In 2011, she established Alarice International (, a social media agency that offers creative marketing solutions for China. In 2016, she and her team launched ChoZan (, a resources and training platform for China-focused marketers. In the past 7 years, Ashley has worked with more than 300 brands and organisations from more than 50 countries, helping them effectively enter China and transform digitally.

Since 2017, Ashley runs a China focused YouTube channel Ashley Talks along with a dedicated blog at, that are now the world’s #1 China marketing vlog. She hosts the AshleyTalks Podcast, where she interviews top thought leaders from across Asia about entrepreneurship, marketing, women in business, China, tech and more.

Ashley’s bestseller Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media is available on Amazon. On top of all this, she is a member of Alibaba’s Global Influencer Entourage and works directly with a Tencent core founder to conquer Western social media.

Ashley’s keynotes include:

  • Modern Chinese consumers: what do they want and how to sell it to them
  • The other China: How tier 2 and Tier 3 consumers are driving retail and China’s economy, and why shall you care
  • Playing tourists: modern Chinese tourists and how to capture their attention
  • The mesmerising world of WeChat and Weibo: how shall brands leverage China’s largest platforms
  • Friend or Foe: how to effectively work with Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLs)
  • Winning in China: how to run social media campaigns that work
  • Keep looking: China’s emerging social media platforms and how to win on them
  • The Future is now: how Alibaba’s new retail and Tencent’s unbounded retail will change the world
  • How and why is China shaping the future of global retail
  • Turning tables: a look into the booming technology sector in China – blockchain technology, A.I. and Virtual Reality (VR) and new retail tech
  • WeChat: A 360 Understanding of China’s Most Powerful Social Media
  • WeChat: How to Get Your First 10,000 Followers
  • Going Viral in China: The Secret to Managing Chinese KOLs
  • How and why is China shaping the future of global retail
  • China’s transformation to a cashless society

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