Charles Reed Anderson: The Future of Work is More Human than you think

Chris Reed Anderson

In his recent video, Charles Reed Anderson shares why he believes that the future of work is more human than we think

The amount of business, operational and digital transformation initiatives we delivered to get our companies & employees through the pandemic AND return to the office has been impressive.

However, since 70% – 95% of transformation initiatives fail to deliver against expectations, what is the status of those initiatives and what is the impact on our Return to Work strategies?

In our latest Future of Work video, we’ll answer that by examining:

  1. Why our current Return to Work strategies have a HIGH RISK of failure – and how focusing on the Human Outcomes & Experiences your employees want & deserve can mitigate that risk
  2. How ignoring the human impact of the pandemic has led to the (worsening) Great Resignation and global Talent Shortage
  3. Why today’s environment is NOT the “new normal” or “next normal”, we are in a transition phase

The bad news is there’s no “silver bullet” to fix the current situation. It was a combination of factors over many years that led to this situation, and it will take a combination of factors and many years to reverse it.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Charles Reed AndersonCharles Reed Anderson is a globally-recognized IoT industry thought leader who has presented at nearly 200 industry events over the past six years. He is renowned for his thought-provoking presentations that not only deliver insights based on the latest trends, but also provide guidance to both technical- and business-minded audiences on how to avoid the potential pitfalls of IoT solution deployment.

Charles has over 25 years’ experience in Asia, Europe and the US advising technology vendors, enterprise customers and government organizations on how to leverage emerging technologies and solutions to drive business and digital transformation initiatives.

Prior to starting his own IoT Advisory Services firm, Charles led the Telecoms, Mobility & IoT practices for IDC Asia/Pacific and has worked for leading global operators including BT, Vodafone, and O2.

Charles sits on the advisory boards of IoT start-ups, industry associations and event organizations and is a co-founder of #HeForShe Singapore.

Charles‘ speaking topics are:

  • IoT Now: What’s Hot, What’s Not & What’s Next
  • IoT in Asia – The Calm Before the Storm
  • A Creative Approach to Digital Transformation

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