Cris Beswick on Building a Culture of Everyday Innovation

Cris Beswick

Cris Beswick shares insights on how to build a culture of everyday innovation


‘Leading FOR Innovation’ is a keynote for organisational leaders that recognise the need to develop the skills and strategies needed to lead their organisation through an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Cris Beswick explores why, now more than ever, we need leaders with a unique and creative approach to shaping the future. Leaders who are willing to take risks, experiment and explore in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Cris also explores why ‘Leading FOR Innovation’ is essential for success and why leaders should all strive to become a little more like Martin Luther King and a little more like Einstein in order to become more purpose-driven and more curious about the future and the art of the possible.

Leaders will learn why it’s important to make sense of the future in order to shape it, why it’s essential to have a clear vision for their organisation and why having the courage to take bold, smart risks rather than sticking with traditional approaches is a fundamental part of the innovation process.

Finally, Cris will unpack the qualities required for building an intelligent, collaborative and adaptable organisation; such as open communication, good decision-making processes, and a willingness to experiment with new ideas rather than being held back by fear of failure.

This keynote is designed specifically for leaders wanting to explore the qualities of great leadership and the importance of ‘Leading FOR Innovation’ in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Key points:

  • Why leaders need to be a little more Martin Luther King and a little more Einstein.
  • Why the challenges of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and building exceptional organisations means leading in exceptional ways.
  • Making sense of the future to shape the future.
  • Why being bolder than the competition means building an intelligent, collaborative, and adaptable organisation.
  • Understanding the significance and power of designing the culture you want to lead.
  • The importance of a growth mindset and psychological safety for innovation

Cris BeswickCris Beswick is recognised globally as a thought leader on innovation strategy, leadership and culture and a pioneer in the field of measuring corporate innovation maturity.

He is the co-author of the book ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’, an Amazon bestseller, and voted one of the CMI’s top books on innovation in 2017. He is a business school adjunct faculty member and board advisor at The Innovators CoLab and The Global Innovation Institute. He is also the co-founder of the boutique innovation advisory firm OUTCOME where he’s helped some of the world’s most ambitious CEOs, visionary leaders, Fortune 500 companies and Governments solve their most complex innovation challenges, develop game-changing innovation capability and build a culture of innovation.

Cris regularly speaks and presents globally at high-profile innovation conferences as well as internal company events. He often focuses on what he likes to call a ‘keynote conversation’ rather than the traditional presentation or lecture. His ideas are provocative yet pragmatic at the same time, striving for thought-leadership that is actionable.

Cris has written numerous white papers, blogs and articles for various newspapers such as The Times, Financial Times, Sunday Telegraph etc.

Cris’ keynotes are:

  • Why Strategy, Leadership & Culture Should Eat Breakfast Together
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Leading FOR Innovation
  • The Critical Role of Culture for Innovation
  • Leading for Innovation with a Growth Mindset
  • Psychological Safety for High Performance and Growth
  • Building an Innovation-led Culture by Design

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