Dr Maha Aziz’s New Book THE GLOBAL KID Makes Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List

Dr Maha Aziz

Maha AzizDr Maha Aziz has just published her new book, “The Global Kid: A VR/AR Political Comic Book”. In the first week since its Dec 2021 soft launch, it made it onto Amazon’s Top 100 bestsellers list; and pre-launch, it earned its first US children’s book (Moonbeam) award. As the global pandemic is raging again, Dr Aziz donated 50% of the first week’s comic profits to the Covid Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO. The VR/AR political comic book is for age 8-12 (or anyone curious about the world).


Dr Maha Hosain AzizDr Maha Aziz, a former investment banker and Businessweek columnist, has been a professor, author and cartoonist in the MA International Relations Program at New York University’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences since 2012, specialising in global risk and prediction. She is also a risk expert in the 2020-2022 Global Future Council at the World Economic Forum.

She has given speeches on global risk and future trends to varied audiences at venues worldwide, including the United Nations, Commonwealth Secretariat, European Parliament, Bosphorus Forum, Cyfy Africa, Asia Society, Convoco Forum, Betaworks Studios and the American Apparel & Footwear Association. Her recent virtual and in-person speaking engagements have focused on explaining the Covid-19 effect on geopolitics, politics, economy and society – and what may emerge in a post-pandemic world.

She is the author of the five-time award-winning book, Future World Order (2019/2020), on global risk which has been called a “must-read” (Dr Ian Bremmer, Kishore Mahbubani) written by a “global thinker to watch” (Dr Nouriel Roubini) and an “engaged scholar activist” (Dr Parag Khanna). Her second book A Global Spring (2021) considers a post- pandemic era; 50% of her profits will go to the WHO’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Her ideas have been featured in outlets including Huffington Post, Forbes, Medium, CNN, Observer. And on occasion she still consults on political risk with governments via Wikistrat, the world’s first geopolitical crowdsourced consultancy, also leading the annual NYU- Wikistrat Top Ten Global Risks project.

She is the author of six-time award-winning debut political comic book for tweens, The Global Kid (2016), which she drew; and is launching the VR/AR comic sequel, The Global Kid: A VR/AR Political Book (2021), in partnership with award-winning edtech startup Musemio. The new comic has already received a nomination for the 2021 Digital Female Leader Awards in the category ‘Global Hero’.
Previously, she was a visiting fellow at the London School of Economic’s Institute of Global Affairs; a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute; chairwoman of the New Silk Road Generation, the first e-mentoring program for university students in Afghanistan; and a senior teaching fellow in the Politics and International Studies Department, SOAS University of London.

Dr Aziz is a Jordanian-born Pakistani who grew up in the Middle East (Jordan, Saudi Arabia), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia), Europe (UK, Greece) and the US. She is a social scientist trained at Brown (BA), Columbia (MA) and the LSE (MSc, PhD). She earned a Bachelor’s at Brown University, a Master’s at Columbia University, a Master’s and PhD at the LSE, and a research certification in Leveraging Crowds in the Public Sector at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.


  • 2021 Finalist in 6th Annual Digital Female Leader Awards for VR/AR Comic The Global Kid
  • 2021 Finalist Award (Nonfiction Category) for My First Book Future World Order
  • 2021 Finalist Award (Social/Political Change Category) for My Book Future World Order
  • 2021 Distinguished Favorite Award (Current Events Category) for My Book Future World Order
  • 2021 Distinguished Favorite Award (Education Category) for My Comic The Global Kid
  • 2020 Women Icon for Peace Award for my Future-Focused Work in Education
  • 2020 WEF Iconic Award for “creating a better world for all” through My Book Future World Order
  • 2019 Winner of Education Award in Cohort of Next Generation Foresight Practitioners
  • 2019 Winner of the Humanitarian Award for My Work in Education
  • 2019 Winner of the International Business and Academic Excellence Award (“Outstanding Academic Leadership”) for the Ideas in My Book Future World Order
  • 2018-2019 Winner for The Global Kid in the Educators’ Challenge in Sweden
  • 2019 Finalist in Education Category of British Muslim Awards for The Global Kid in the UK
  • 2017 INSPAD Peace Award in Pakistan for The Global Kid: A Political Comic Book
  • 2017 WEF Excellence Award in Iceland for The Global Kid: A Political Comic Book
  • 2017-2018 Senior Research Fellowship at World Policy Institute for My Book Project
  • 2016 Wonder Woman Award in NY for The Global Kid: A Political Comic Book

Popular presentation topics of Dr Maha Aziz:

  • Post-Covid World Order
  • Global Risk Trends
  • Global Legitimacy Crisis
  • Global Identity Crisis (Xenophobia, Extremism)
  • Future of Democracy and A New Social Contract
  • Future of Geopolitics
  • New Political Influencers: Citizen Protesters and Activist Tech Billionaires

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