Engage Derek Williams to Inspire Your Team on Employee Recognition & Customer Experience

Derek Williams

Derek Williams believes in the importance of great customer service in taking small businesses to new heights, especially during difficult times.

He is the author of “WOW! That’s what I call service” and the founder of The WOW! Awards in the UK in 1994.

Watch the video below to see why Derek believes in the power of “Catching people doing things right!”

Derek WilliamsMost employees leave their job because of a lack of recognition. Derek Williams founded The WOW! Awards in the UK in 1994. This continuous process of “Catching people doing things right!” is an incredibly powerful way of engaging with customers and motivating employees by giving them pride in their work. Employees who feel engaged and appreciated are more likely to stay in a job, take less time off with sickness and give outstanding customer service.

Derek shares his experience of working with private and public sector organisations in the UK, Australia and USA. Set against his background in manufacturing and finance, Derek fully understands the challenges and brings clear pragmatic advice that will change the way you do things for ever.

Derek is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association, a member of the Institute of Customer Service, a past CEO of Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals and an Associate of Institute of Chartered Management Accountants.

As well as running The WOW! Awards, Derek is Chair of SLL and Inspire All, a UK leisure group with 2500 employees over 47 locations. He also continues to work in the front line for one of the UK’s largest retailers, “It’s how I stay connected with real customers and real situations. I never want to lose that grass roots connection.”

Derek’s first business venture won five national awards for customer service. He is author of “WOW! That’s what I call service” and was CEO of The Society of Consumer Affairs Professional in Europe for three years.

Derek’s keynotes are:

  • “The Incredible Power of Employee Recognition!”
  • “WOW! That’s what I call service!”
  • Master of Ceremonies for Business Events

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