Gary Bailey's Motivational Story from Manchester United

Some of the best speakers in the world come from fields we don’t traditionally associate with keynotes, and Gary Bailey proves this point. Gary is best known for his work as the talented goalkeeper of England’s Manchester United team, yet he now quickly making a name for himself as an accomplished and successful speaker across the international stage.

The parallels between sports and business have been noted many times in the past and we’re fortunate to live in a world where people are open to listening to (and learning from) the life lessons of a man as accomplished as Gary. By pulling anecdotes and specific events from his career as a top sportsman, Gary is able to utilize soccer as a springboard for discussing larger themes of leadership and teamwork- themes which are applicable in every walk of life.

Gary fine tuned his connections between soccer and business leadership as he went on to earn his MBA from Henley in Oxford after completing his time on the field with Man U and Barcelona. Of course Gary has been a lifelong learner and hardly neglected his studies while playing soccer. Instead of attempting to complete school and compete at the world’s highest level, Gary made sure to learn as much as he could directly from his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

These days Gary has been able to very quickly solidify his place on the international speaking scene as a one of its most highly sought after leadership speakers. If you wish to retain Gary for a speaking engagement then simply email to get in touch with his representation.