Graeme Codrington: Managing the New Generation Talents

Graeme Codrington offers a simple, yet incredible powerful and pertinent message- there is a new way of work and those companies which embrace it will succeed, while those companies which stick to outdated models will fail. Graeme is a speaker, an author, a futurist, and a consultant who has offered his services across a wide range of companies and industries.

Graeme’s approach to studying productivity and employee dynamics is as unconventional as the new way of work he has identified. Combining both analytical research and the kind of insights which are only gleaned after a lifetime of ground-level experience, Graeme offers a comprehensive overview of the modern multigenerational workplace which you can’t afford to ignore.

Speaking of Graeme’s full credentials is far beyond the scope of this short article, but a cursory overview of his accomplishments is more than impressive. Graeme has earned multiple degrees (a pair of bachelors, a masters, an honours and a doctorate), he has authored three different best-selling books (Mind the Gap, Mind Over Money and Future-proof Your Child: Parenting the Wired Generation), he speaks to an international audience of over 100,000 people a year, and he lectures at institutions ranging from the world’s top 4 business schools to the market’s most successful companies.

Considering his wealth of knowledge, study and experience it should come as no surprise Graeme is available to speak on an extremely diverse set of topics. If you are interested in commission Graeme to speak at your organization or event, simply send an email to his representation at