Hong Kong-based Moderators

The best feedback a moderator gets is the client asks if you are going to moderate their event next year…

Our Hong Kong-based moderators, Case Everaert, Ryan Mackey and Andrew Work recently moderated at the Qualcomm 4F/5G Summit in Hong Kong, and received great feedback.

Hong Kong-based moderators

Ryan Mackey serves as a communications consultant, keynote speaker and emcee for executive-level events across the world. His professional and personal experiences give him a broad global perspective and credible voice for international audiences. In the past year, Ryan has spoken at a wide variety of conferences and business events — from a gala award ceremony with 900 participants to a strategy workshop with 25 executives — in locations including China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen), Singapore, Monaco, UAE, Brazil, Kenya and Ireland. Ryan holds degrees from universities in the US and Europe, including an MBA in Business Strategy from Solvay Business School (Université Libre de Bruxelles).

Hong Kong-based moderators

Case Everaert is Managing Director of Black Isle Group. Before joining Black Isle, Case was Vice President of Global Trading at Mizuho Capital Markets, an interest rate derivatives trading powerhouse. Case and his team regularly achieved a top three Risk Magazine ranking for several JPY interest rate derivative products.

Having enjoyed a successful 13 year career in banking, Case made a timely exit in 2007 and decided to follow one of his passions: public speaking. He joined forces with Black Isle as a Director. His responsibilities include coaching as well as business development.

The client base Case covers includes financial, legal and other corporate services professionals. His understanding of the financial markets is much appreciated by his clients.

Case enjoyed a Dutch upbringing that exposed him to many languages from an early age. His English is fluent and he speaks German, French and Japanese to various degrees.

Case is an individual whose optimistic approach to life instills enthusiasm in all he works with, regardless of borders or culture.

Hong Kong-based moderators

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