Improving Performance by Understanding the Dynamices of “Tribal Leadership” – Video by Dr Dave Logan

Mangement need not be a headache – argues Dr Dave Logan of University of Southern California, if you know how to leverage on the “tribes”, that is, the natually occuring groups formed in your organisation.

Since the dawn of civilization people have formed tribes, and research demonstrates that humans are genetically programmed to form into groups. Within every company there are tribes, often several, consisting of 20 to 150 people who know each other and work together.  But while everyone tribes, the culture of each tribe is different, as is its effectiveness. Improving a tribe’s culture—and its chances for greater success—requires a tribal leader who not only understands the tribe but can leverage its collective assets to build a greater team.   The result is more effective workplaces, greater strategic success, less stress, and more fun, an organization in which the best people want to work and make an impact.

Watch the above video to learn the basics of tribal leadership, as well we the five tribal stages.

More information of Dr Dave Logan can be found at Speakers Connect.