Kevin Kelly to Xceptionalize Your Business in Asia!

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One of the world’s foremost motivational speakers, Kevin Kelly, is available for speaking engagements throughout Asia through his new representation at Speaker’s Connect.

Kevin is the internationally recognized mastermind behind the concept of “Xceptionalize” which teaches individuals and organizations how the most important element of success is executing your duties, day in and day out, to the utmost of your abilities. Through the principle of focused persistence and attention to the day-to-day tasks we all perform, Kevin Kelly and the concept of Xceptionalize will show your organization how to continuously excel at every level.

Kevin parlayed an incredibly successful and diverse sales career into an equally well recognized speaking career which has taken him around the entire world. Kevin’s lessons and insights have developed from his real-world experience and penchant for risk taking. Kevin has built wealth and sacrificed it to follow his dreams, he has challenged his personal limiting beliefs to go on to write a Best Selling book, and he has experienced tremendous sales and speaking success across a wide variety of industries ranging from the IT sector, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Financial Services and Retail.

No matter what industry your business operates within, and no matter what aspect of your business you’re looking to improve, Kevin will be able to provide a powerful speech teaching you how to apply his Xceptionalize concept to take your organization to the next level.

Kevin will be in Asia again in feb 2012. To book Kevin for a speaking engagement which will energize and invigorate your organization, contact his Asian representation at