Mark Agnew Wins European Adventurer of the Year

Mark Agnew

We at Speakers Connect are proud to share that Mark Agnew was awarded the prestigious European Adventurer of the Year award.

It is the first time that a Scot has won this award and Mark Agnew was given this accolade because of his record breaking expedition through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage.

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Mark AgnewMark Agnew is a two time world record setting adventurer.

Mark and his three teammates were the first people to kayak the entire Northwest Passage. The expedition took 103 days and captured the imagination of the world.  Mark focused on the experience and the camaraderie, rather than placing all notion of success purely on the outcome. The adventure was packed with thrilling moments – the team faced down polar bears, were almost crushed by ice, had incredible encounters with narwhals, bowhead whales and beluga. They covered ultra marathon distances day in, day out. And were often stuck on shore because of storms for days on end too.

Mark has won European Adventurer of the Year 2023.

He was interviewed on the BBC, ITV, 7News Brisbane and in print in The Times, Daily Mail, the South China Morning Post and hundreds of other outlets for his expedition.

Mark has delivered talks across the world, at events such as Marks and Spencer’s end of year conference and Heiniken’s salesforce annual meeting. He expertly weaves his gripping tales of adventure at sea with actionable lessons for your workforce in a way that is entertaining, amusing and self-deprecating.

Mark openly talks about his failed expeditions, which lead to his world record setting adventures. He discusses the lessons from failure and how you can apply them in a work setting too.

Mark’s clients have included fortune 500 companies like Bosch and Heineken, large companies such as the NHS, Swiss Re and small audiences including intimate interactive crowds of just a dozen people, and schools.

The Northwest Passage, and Mark’s other adventures, make for a gripping talk that will engage your audience and leave them inspired.

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