Mark van Rijmenam: The Top 7 Technology Trends for 2018

Mark Van Rijmenam

Mark van Rijmenamexpert on big data, blockchain and AI, shared his insights on the seven technology trends that will dominate 2018 in his latest article.

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Take a Leap Forward, without Human Data

The combination of an AI arms race and developments where artificial intelligence can be trained without human data will likely result in massive steps forward in 2018. As AI becomes smarter, more money will flow into it. However, ordinary organisations, as well as small and medium enterprises, are likely to miss out, as the power of AI will consolidate among just a few players and countries.

2. Blockchain Will Mature and the ICO Hype Will Slow Down due to Regulation

Apart from more mainstream ICOs, 2018 will also see the first true blockchain applications that will be used by consumers and organisations, where those using the services not necessarily know that they use blockchain technology. After all, for Blockchain to become mainstream, it has to become as pervasive as the internet. Consumers do not know how Amazon or Facebook works, but they are more than happy to use it. That is what is required for Blockchain technology, or distributed ledger technology, to have a real impact on organisations and society.

The rest of Mark’s prediction for 2018 can be found here.

Mark Van RijmenamMark van Rijmenam is Founder of, founding partner of think tank The Digital Leadership Initiative in Sydney and also the author of the bestselling book “Think Bigger – Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business”.

Mark is an entrepreneur with a drive for (disruptive) innovation who aims to be a catalyst for global innovation and to enable organizations and societies to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.  Mark Van Rijmenam believes in sustainable, social and economic responsibility when doing business or creating companies. Let’s use the latest trends such as Big Data, Robotics, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology or 3D printing to change and improve the world and create a better place for all. He is aware of the latest trends in the world that impact organisations.

Currently, he is a PhD Candidate at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has received two scholarships to do so. He has also been named a global top 10 Big Data influencer.

As a highly sought-after international keynote speaker on big data and disruptive innovation, Mark has given lectures at the Business University Nyenrode and has spoken in Australia, France, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Colombia, United States, Dubai and The Netherlands among others.

Mark’s speaking topics include:

      • Big Data and how to become Data-Driven
      • What is the Blockchain and why is it important
      • Customer centricity using Big Data
      • Disruptive Innovation
      • Cultural Change in a World Full of Data
      • Design Thinking within an Information-Centric culture
      • The Internet of Things and a Connected World
      • Mega Trends Impacting Our Future
      • Motivational Speaking: Achieving your Dreams

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