Mike Walsh: The Future of Travel

Mike Walsh Speaking.jpg

What would the future of travel look like?

Leading Futurist from Asia, Mike Walsh , shared his insights at the Texas Travel Industry Summit, and here is a quick summary from one of the participants, who found Mike’s presentation a bolt of lightning, delivering nuggets about the future of travel too numerous to mention in one blog post.”

Stop looking at individual trips and start looking at the travel experience life cycle.

We used to call it repeat business, then we called it loyalty programs, but Walsh’s advice is to look beyond individual experiences. Can you weave your organization, destination or attraction into the consumer’s life cycle by offering experiences that transcend individual purchases?

Start looking ten years ahead by listening to teenagers now.

Most focus groups used by travel organizations look at their current consumers, usually women in the 25-45 age range. These are the current travel decision-makers. But in order to offer products and services for the next generation of decision makers, we need to start listening to their needs, habits and interests today.

Disruptive technology has changed the way we process information.

Like it or not, the long-term effects of multi-tasking and “hummingbird” searching is changing the way we think and the way we make decisions. As travel organizations, we need to be poised to capitalize on spontaneous travel decisions and more circuitous decision-making. This should, in essence, change the way we approach marketing and communications plans.

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