Renée Giarrusso Inspire Audiences on Gift Mindset Culture for Wellbeing

Renée Giarrusso

Renée Giarrusso discusses the topic of ‘How A Gift Mindset Can Change Your Culture’.

Leadership and mindset expert Renée Giarrusso believes that it is still possible for organizations to change their culture despite the current state of disconnect—with hybrid working environments and many teams working remotely this can result in disengagement, disconnection and a culture that can become performance driven lacking collaboration.

Is your organisational culture one that is built on sharing challenges and successes?

How open are people to sharing mistakes knowing they will be supported beyond this?

How are people connecting and contributing to each-others growth and performance?

Imagine creating a Gift Mindset Culture, one where our biggest lessons come through embracing, not resisting the challenges and successes we experience.

Workplace culture is made up of shared values, beliefs, and social behaviors and so often these can be hidden, stifled, or not lived within the organisation. The lessons we learn need to be shared to empower others, create openness and psychological safety and wellbeing.

Renée creates an experience for audiences that will have them asking: How could we not, adopt a Gift Mindset?

Gifts can come in many forms; we just have to be open to seeing them. These lessons can come from people and situations.

By adopting a Gift Mindset® we get to live our legacy now by creating a culture of purpose, connection, and contribution.

Challenging situations and people can be seen as ‘gifts’ that are just as valuable as the amazing positive situations and people we encounter in life. To embrace them, we need to raise our awareness, accept them as gifts and apply the lessons they present both as a limitless leader and in our own life.

Renée has helped thousands of people develop and build on their leadership and mindset to overcome adversity and challenges and to be motivated and ready for success. Her personal stories, processes, insights, and practical tools give the audience all they need to step back, become self-aware and unwrap their gifts to create a culture of openness, connection, and contribution.

As with all keynotes Renée tailors the content and focus to your objectives and audience.

Gift Mindset Culture Keynote themes:

  • Unwrapping the Gift Mindset and the barriers

  • The benefits of a Gift Mindset Culture

  • The 4 drivers of a Gift Mindset

  • Provide the G.I.F.T process to embrace challenges and successes.

  • Strategies and stories to reinforce learnings and make this part of the culture moving forward.

  • Creating sharing experiences to contribute to the wider team such as Win Wednesdays and Failure Fridays

  • The 12 Gifts (soft skills) we can deepen and develop with a focus on one: Optimism, Empathy, Resilience, Curiosity, Re-energising, Connection, Gratitude, Contribution, Growth, Change, Courage, Forgiveness

  • How to foster the sharing of successes and challenges

Watch the video below to learn more:

Renée GiarrussoRenée Giarrusso is a highly sought-after communication, leadership & mindset expert. She is a speaker, International 3-time award-winning author, trainer, and professional coach (PCC). She works with leaders, teams, and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication, collaboration, and leadership to lift performance and culture.

Her sole purpose is to make workplaces exceptional places to work where people can grow and thrive.

In 2006 she founded RG Dynamics after working in senior leadership, sales, and marketing roles within a global FMCG.

With over 25 years leading teams and working within hundreds of organisations across 24 industries, Renée has a strong reputation of passionately delivering results and is known as a dynamic, relatable, dedicated, and experienced professional. She is known for her energy and dynamic thought leadership.

Renée’s diverse experience is mirrored in the network and clients she works with. Industries include building & construction, telco, FMCG, food & beverage, professional services, retail, real estate, manufacturing, telco, NFP, barcoding, transport & logistics, consumer durables, government, automotive, electronics and many more.

She is obsessed with working with individuals and their teams to realise and achieve what is possible which results in increased performance and success. She passionately helps people to achieve their goals and believes everyone is limitless in their abilities.

Her expertise is in growing and developing capability and behavioural change around leadership, mindset, EQ, communication and creating leadership presence which leaves her clients inspired, re-energised and with improved results.

Organisations who want to be limitless and live their legacy trust in Renée and her team to deliver interactive, informative, thought provoking and relatable programs that bring learnings to life that are transformational, not transactional.

With her highly developed skills in the area of learning reinforcement back on the job, she has the experience and understanding of what it takes to lead a high performing team and organisational culture.

Renée has published three books with her first book Limitless Leadership followed with the Leaders of Influence anthology.

In 2021 she published her third book: Gift Mindset – Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection, and contribution. This book won the USA Living Now Bronze Award in the Personal Growth category and won two finalist awards at the global Indies Book awards. Gift Mindset is being translated and published in Vietnam, India, and the Middle East.

Renée is also the co-creator of the 2 Sides IN 2 Minutes Team communication game. This board game helps teams boost their communication and appreciate diversity of opinion in a fun game that has a debating component.

Regularly in the media, Renée loves sharing her message through radio, TV and in published articles such as CEO Magazine, Thrive Global, Business Insider and many more. She is the host of the Limitless Leaders Podcast.

Renée ‘s keynotes are:

  • Gift Mindset Culture for Wellbeing
  • The 12 Gifts of a Gift Mindset®‌
  • Limitless Leadership in the new World
  • Motivate to Collaborate OR Lit up and leveraged?
  • ‌Collaborative Communication

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