Simon Ong: Why Energy Management, Not Time Management, is the Key to Productivity

Simon Ong

In Simon Ong‘s debut book, he introduces the art and science of energy management and shares his insights on why he believes that energy management is the true key to productivity.

Your energy is the fuel that makes everything in your life possible. So how can you reach your full potential if you’re always tired, stressed and struggling through your to-do list running from one task to the next? In Energize, Life Coach Simon Ong introduces you to the art and science of energy management. Revealing how your physical, mental and relational energy affect your ability to think creatively and make progress towards your goals, Ong will teach you how to renew, recharge and nurture yourself so that you feel refreshed and alive rather than drained at the end of your day. Energize will teach you how to make the most out of every single moment and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Simon OngWith a global presence, Simon Ong captivates audiences in keynote talks, fireside chats, and workshops, where he imparts knowledge on avoiding a human energy crisis through comprehensive energy management – spanning physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. Simon firmly believes that “when it comes to happiness and productivity, energy truly is everything.” By unlocking the art and science of energy management, Simon equips his audiences with the tools to live each day with heightened energy levels, enabling them to transform their lives and careers.

Simon’s expertise has attracted media attention, leading to interviews with esteemed platforms like Sky News and BBC. He has also worked with prominent brands such as Unilever and Barclays, advocating for improved lifestyle habits and employee well-being. Moreover, Simon’s guidance has been sought by influential companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and EY, to unlock the full energetic potential of their leaders and teams.

Adobe described a recent keynote he delivered as ‘truly amazing and mind blowing’ while Docusign commented that ‘Simon’s ability to deliver wisdom in clear and simple ways, is energising and inspirational. Hearing Simon speak, it’s impossible not to come away feeling challenged and changed, in a good way.’

In addition to his exceptional speaking prowess, Simon is a celebrated author. His debut book, Energize: Make the Most of Every Moment, was published by Penguin in April 2022 and quickly soared to become an instant bestseller. The book received accolades, winning the Book of the Year in the Wellness and Wellbeing category at The Business Book Awards.

Simon’s keynotes are:

  • Why Energy Management, Not Time Management, is the Key to Productivity
  • Transform How You Manage Your Energy to Thrive at Work
  • Why Keeping Your Creative Energy Alive Matters in Business

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