Seminar: Influence Your Way to the Top: Understanding Power, Positive Politics and Networking

We are Speakers Connect are proud to sponsor the upcoming Career Building Seminar:  Influence Your Way to the Top:  Understanding Power, Positive Politics and Networking, organised by SCMP Classified Post.

Do you have a colleague who has that magical touch with people: they are popular among peers, have a loyal network of supporters at work, and is probably the one who gets the promotion over you though you may be working as hard.

Join us at this informative seminar to understand the importance of people influencing skill at work.

Learn more about:

  • How to network effectively and make yourself memorable in a positive manner
  • Make yourself more likeable, gain more support, and get more done through people
  • Understand the power dynamics at work and make it work for you
  • Increase your visibility and gain recognition in the workplace


Alice Kaushal

Trained by the internationally renowned Emily Post Institute, Alice is a respected authority on Business Etiquette, Cross Cultural Communications, Customer Relations and Enhancing Image. Her training programmes address the growing need for confident, competent and culturally sensitive professionals in today’s increasingly globalised markets.

Jane Horan

The founder of the Horan Group, a strategic consultancy focusing on Cross Cultural Leadership, Jane has published articles and given presentations on Innovation, Positive Politics and the Acceleration of Women Leaders. Before starting her firm, Jane had a successful career in Organizational Development at Kraft Foods Asia and Walt Disney (Asia Pacific).

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