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Marcel Daane: The link between body-brain health and adaptability

Marcel Daane

Marcel Daane spoke about the link between body-brain health and adaptability during the World Coaching Congress in Mumbai, India. Here is the extract video of his presentation. Marcel Daane is the author of the globally acclaimed leadership book “Headstrong Performance” and the recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership and the 2016 Global Coaching Leadership […]

Max McKeown: Adaptability – How To Shape A Better Future With Beautiful Innovation

Max McKeown brings the truth about high adaptability – and high innovation – to life with examples, humour, emotion so you will gain memorable personal and practical insights to help you in the real world. We humans have a wonderful talent for shaping the future. At our best we are able to think our way […]

Mike Walsh: How great companies re-invent themselves to survive the future

Why is it that some companies manage to survive and thrive for decades, while others and the products they make, fade into history? According to futurist Mike Walsh, the answer is adaptability. Great companies re-invent themselves constantly, adapting rapidly to how the needs of the markets they serve are shifting. Mike Walsh Mike Walsh, futurist […]