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Anders Sorman-Nilsson: AI Disruption Allow Us to Focus on More Meaningful Jobs

Anders Sörman-Nilsson

40% of insurance contact centre phone calls are status update phone calls, which can be a monumental waste of human time at both ends. But did you know that digital and AI can offer a better way? In a recent keynote highlight for Google, Futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson revealed that AI can help liberate us from […]

Tanmay Bakshi Shared Insights on the Next Big Thing in Technology

Tanmay Bakshi

15 year old IBM champion and Google developer Tanmay Bakshi, was recently interviewed by Future Summits. Tanmay shared his view on AI, data augmentation, augmented reality, machine learning, quantum computing and more. Tanmay believes that “A computer’s power is not with natural language, it’s with math. A human is better at talking to people.” Learn about […]

Mike Walsh: How will AI change your job?

While many are afraid that algorithms, automation and AI will take away jobs – the more interesting question is how will those forces change jobs? Futurist Mike Walsh shares the story of how a Google engineer and an astronomer teamed up to find new exoplanets using machine learning: Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a […]

John Wood Talks at Google: Room to Read: From Start to Success

John Wood

John Wood at a recent “Talk at Google” event, talked about how the charity collaborated with local governments, schools, communities and families to ensure they understood the importance of literacy and the role that they could play in helping girls and women achieve their full potential. He was joined by Saluom Lak, one of the charities success […]

Daniel Sieberg – Author of “The Digital Diet” and Google’s Head of Media Outreach

Daniel Sieberg

Daniel Sieberg, author of the “The Digital Diet” and Head of Media Outreach at Google has a lot to share about technology, trends and his experiences working for the tech giant. Here are a few videos of Daniel talking those and more: Daniel Sieberg is an Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV correspondent/host/author whose work across four continents. He is […]

Lior Zoref: Mindsharing: the art of crowdsourcing everything

Lior Zoref

Lior Zoref, author of best-selling book Mindsharing took the stage at “Talks at Google” event and shared valuable insights on the art of crowdsourcing everything. In this video, Lior details how innovation and creativity can happen when people put their minds together. Check out his engaging talk right here. Lior Zoref lives in Israel, the startup-up nation. His […]

Lior Zoref in China in Sep 2016

Lior Zoref

Crowdsourcing researcher and bestselling author Lior Zoref will be in China this Sep.  Seize the opportunity to engage him to speak at your event riding on his stay! Recently Lior spoke at Google on his journey to discovering the power of crowdsourcing and “Mindsharing” through his informative and engaging keynote.  Lior says “Your best friends usually have the same circle […]