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Josh Klein: The Digital Age – A New Future for Work

Josh Klein

The digital transformation is speeding up. Huge disruptions are about to happen that can dramatically change our lives. The way we work, communicate, collaborate, learn and lead are evolving for new possibilities that open a new world not yet foreseen. Josh Klein shared his insights on the leading technologies of the future and their impact […]

Speakers Available to Speak in Asia on the Impact of ChatGPT

Speakers Connect

Looking for top-notch keynote speakers to discuss the impact of ChatGPT? We at Speakers Connect have the best speakers who are available to speak in Asia on the impact of Generative AI and ChatGPT on business: Mike Walsh – Leading Asia Futurist Brett King – Leading Futurist Daniel Burrus – One of the world’s leading technology forecasters […]

Josh Klein, hacker of all things, available to speak at your next conference

Josh Klein

We at Speakers Connect are delighted to share that Josh Klein, passionate hacker of all things, is available to speak at you next conference–both for virtual and hybrid events. Watch the video below to learn more about Josh and his work: Josh Klein is a passionate hacker of all things. He examines systems, he takes them […]