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Chris J Reed Speaking on LinkedIn marketing and social selling

Chris J Reed

Chris J Reed spoke recently at Global ACTE Summit on empowering personal branding, LinkedIn marketing and social selling to 600 delegates. Chris J Reed is the author of best-selling “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and “LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs”.  He has been named as an Official LinkedIn Power Profile since 2012, has one of the world’s most viewed LinkedIn profiles with […]

Tom Skotidas Speaks about Social Selling and Personal Branding for B2B Sales

Tom Skotidas

In this era of social media, traditional selling techniques are no longer the most effective means to get you sales. Social media expert Tom Skotidas speaks about personal branding and successful social selling campaigns. Tom believes that content is the lifeblood of B2B sales as he begins to explain “In B2B, you need to be […]