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Robert Tucker – Five Ways to Disrupt the Disruptors

Robert Tucker

With the rapid development in technology in recent years, many business are being disrupted. How to disrupt the disruptors? Leading Futurist Robert Tucker, shares his insights in his recent article. Here are the first two ways: (1) Understand the nature of disruption in your market. To understand the nature and pace of disruption, look at […]

Robert Tucker Awarded 2015 Brand Laureate Award

Robert Tucker was just awarded the 2015 Brand Laureate Award as Leading Author and Speaker in Innovation and Growth by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation. Past recipients of this award include Steven Spielberg, Taylor Swift, Steve Jobs, and John Maxwell. Robert B. Tucker Robert Tucker is the president of The Innovation Resource (TIR), and an […]

Robert B. Tucker: The Six Hottest Innovation Trends

Robert B. Tucker is a popular innovation speaker and consultant. Since 1986, with the publication of Winning the Innovation Game, he has coached and advised managers, executives, and entire teams at organizations ranging from IBM to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. Below you have the six hottest innovation trends according to Robert… Startups are […]

Robert Tucker's Intelligent Talk Show Style Presentation

Innovation speaker Robert Tucker has launched his new Intelligent Talk Show Format presentation. It has got a surprising strong response! Producers are raving about the way it transforms the often-boring panel discussions into exciting idea exchanges, the panellists into guests, and reinforces his innovation message. Contact us to find out more! Robert B. Tucker Robert […]

Innovation Speaker Robert Tucker: "Driving Growth Through Innovation"

Innovation speaker Robert B. Tucker explores the five best practices of the world’s most innovative companies and how they are driving growth through innovation. Robert B. Tucker Robert Tucker is president of The Innovation Resource (TIR), and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. Formerly an adjunct professor at the University of California, […]