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Tanmay Bakshi – Next-generation technologies: developers to users and developers to developers

Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi, 16 years old then, opened the WeAreDevelopers Congress Vienna 2019 with his keynote on next-generation technologies and how developers are the drivers for change in technology. The audience learned how machine learning technology can make a difference in improving the lives of millions of people around the world. Bakshi’s heart ID application and […]

Pandit Dasa: Mindfulness and Resilience During a Time of Social Distancing

Pandit Dasa

Pandit Dasa, The Urban Monk, has recently launched his new keynote and workshop, “Mindfulness and Resilience During a Time of Social Distancing” to help corporates to deal with the challenges bought about by COVID-19. Many Fortune 500 companies have engaged Pandit to present on the topic, and saw positive results on their employees. Mindfulness and […]

Ryan Mackey: Cultures Impact on Business Success

Ryan Mackey, communications consultant, shared his insights at DISTREE EMEA on the world of retail, highlighting a handful of retailers from around the world. Ryan Mackey Based in Hong Kong, Ryan Mackey serves as a communications consultant, keynote speaker and emcee for executive-level events across the world. His professional and personal experiences give him a […]

Eric Feng Keynoted at Insurance Sales Conference

Eric Feng is a leading authority in the area of public speaking and business communications. He is frequently invited to speak at sales conferences and the audience loves him and appreciates the fact that Eric shares lots of practical takeaways for them that can increase their sales effectively. Below you have Eric’s keynote at Hong […]

Andrew Grant’s New Showreel: Who Killed Creativity…

Here comes creativity expert Andrew Grant‘s new showreel of his Who Killed Creativity and How Can You Get it Back keynote. Andrew’s insights on “The Creativity Killers At Work”: The pressure of a controlling system or oppressive leadership style can often create the sorts of pressures that can kill creative ideas. Fledgling concepts will never […]

Paul Niel – The Hong Kong-based Motivational Speaker

Paul Niel, the Hong Kong-based Motivational Speaker, speaks on the lessons he learned from his adventures. Paul Niel Paul Niel is a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, future thinker and adventurer. He supports and sponsors enterprises that use exponential technologies to solve grand challenges. He is co-founder of Peared, a lifestyle company for older adults and […]

John Shackleton: Step Up to Super Hero

John Shackleton has a background in sports psychology but these days he presents to the corporate world about performance improvement. This video shows John presenting his STEP UP TO SUPER HERO keynote to a small group of business people. The secrets to success? Make the decision and pay attention at what you are thinking. John Shackleton […]

Caspar Berry's Keynote on Risk Taking

Caspar Berry, a former poker player and entrepreneur, is now a professional speaker catalysing change in some of the world’s most successful companies. Using poker as a metaphor, his entertaining and thought provoking presentation “Risk Taking and Decision Making in Poker, Business and Life” forces people to examine and overcome their fear of failure. Caspar […]

Ron Kaufman Keynote on Customer Services

Ron Kaufman is the New York Times bestselling author of “UPLIFTING SERVICE: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet”, and is the founder of UP! Your Service. In the following video Ron shares his insights on customer services. Ron Kaufman Ron Kaufman is the world’s leading educator and motivator […]

Nils Vesk: The Future of Business Innovation

Nils Vesk, speaker on innovation and design thinking, shares some ways of applying innovation to the organization in his keynote at the Future Thread World’s next practice conference. Nils Vesk Nils Vesk is an expert in Innovation, Idea generation and design thinking. He is the author of the innovation book Ideas with Legs: how to generate […]

Eric Feng Speaking at MDRT Conference 2014

Communications and sales speaker Eric Feng just received good news from the MDRT (million dollar round table) committee in USA. Eric has been selected to present his “Unlock Your Personal Charisma” keynote at their main platform for MDRT Experience 2014. It’s a prestigious annual event for top financial professionals in Asia and it is estimated […]

Innovation Speaker Robert Tucker: "Driving Growth Through Innovation"

Innovation speaker Robert B. Tucker explores the five best practices of the world’s most innovative companies and how they are driving growth through innovation. Robert B. Tucker Robert Tucker is president of The Innovation Resource (TIR), and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. Formerly an adjunct professor at the University of California, […]