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Robert Plant: Big Data Case Study (Tesco)

Robert Plant just published his recent Big Data Case Study on Tesco on www.bigdatarepublic.com website… Tesco is the world’s third-largest retailer in revenue ($96.8 billion), behind Wal-Mart ($466.1 billion) and Carrefour ($112.6 billion). Unlike the other mega retailers, it has the unique distinction of having a technologist as CEO. Tesco has understood the power of […]

Robert Plant – Wall Street Journal's Leadership Expert

Robert Plant, Big Data expert, is now part of the Wall Street Journal’s Leadership Experts, a very prestigious group that includes former Prime Minister of Canada, CEOs and consultants such as Dominic Barton who is the Global Managing Director of McKinsey. Here are the links to his recent articles for Wall Street Journal: – Robert Plant: Multiple Internets […]

Graeme Codrington: Disruptive Changes in the Travel Industry

Dr Graeme Codrington, expert on the new world of work, shares his insights on disruptive changes facing the travel industry with his keynote presentation “Leading in a Changing World”, outlining three key reasons the world is changing, and three key responses that we need to make as individual leaders. Leading in a Changing World, Part […]

Founder Priscilla Shares Speaker Engagement Tips @ MIX Magazine Interview

When should you engage a speakers bureau and what are the essentials you should pay attention to?  Our founder Priscilla shares her views at the MIX Magazine Interview:   Mix Magazine Interview Feb 2013 on Asia Speakers Bureau Business by   “For clients who hear about the speakers bureau concept for the first time, I […]

Rasmus Ankersen, Performance Expert, in Asia in May This Year

Rasmus Ankersen,  who travels around the world to crack the secrets of the world’s best performance hotbeds, finds the secrets in how to cultivate talents…  Most thrilled that Rasmus will be coming to Asia in May 2013 to share the secret with the Asian audience in person.  Rasmus Ankersen published his first book “DNA of a Winner” […]

Mike Walsh: Think Big, Think New, Think Quick

Mike Walsh, our most in demand Futurist speaker urges us to think big, think new, and most importantly, think quick.  And here is why: Mike has devoted his career to being digital. He ran the market leading consumer insights house Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, and held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in […]

Brett King Talks About The Future of Banking at FT

Brett King, best-selling author of BANK 2.0 and BANK 3.0, renowned public speaker and advisor to some of the world’s biggest financial services organizations and leading brands, opined that banks should go digital and rather than keeping their physical bank branches.   “The bank branch started as a distribution point for cash but has morphed […]

Mike Walsh: The Future of Meetings and Events…

Technology will not replace the role of physical meetings, if anything it will drive its acceleration as part of the essential infrastructure of the 21st century company. Leading Futurist, Mike Walsh, shares the  4 things any event organiser needs to know for the near future: Mike Walsh Mike has devoted his career to being digital. […]

Nobel Economist Peter Diamond in Asia in March 2013

Professor Peter Diamond , 2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences, will be in Asia in late March to early April and available for speaking engagements. Peter Diamond Peter Diamond was awarded the Nobel for his seminal work on search theory, the theory of the frictions and incentives involved in the process of matching. He is an Institute […]

Jeffrey Robinson Interview on How to Avoid Fraud

Jeffrey Robinson, recognised expert on money laundering, organized crime and fraud, was interviewed on how can individuals, as well as companies, avoid being the victims of fraud: Robinson, known as “the world’s leading financial crime author”, has written 27 books, including six works of fiction, and also several screenplays. He started out exploring money-laundering in The Laundrymen, which naturally brought […]

Graeme Codrington on Cross Generational Communications

Dr Graeme Codrington, Gen Y expert shares his insights on cross generational communications with his keynote “Mind the Gap”.    Dr Graeme Codrington Dr Graeme Codrington is an expert on the new world of work and multi-generational workplaces. He is a keynote presenter, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy consultant working across multiple industries and sectors. His […]

Brett King: Changing Customer Behavior for Main Street Banking in the US

In this recent research commissioned by Brett King, renowned banking futurist, and best-selling author of BANK 2.0,and BANK 3.0, researchersexplore the realities of changing consumer behavior at small community banks and credit unions throughout North America. While many executives of community banks believe that the branch is still at the core of day-to-day banking for their customers, this […]

Mike Walsh's Tips for the Global Nomad…

Mike Walsh, our most in demand Futurist speaker spends more time traveling to give speeches and research then at home.  Below is his 10 Survival Guide for the Global Nomad – do listen to him – for we have not found another one who is more eligible to share such tips yet : ) 1. Automate Your […]

Brett King's Bank 3.0 Continues Being The Best Seller!

Congratulations to Brett King that BANK 3.0 hits #1 on the Banking Bestseller’s list in the UK and in the top 5 for business books – how cool is that!                     Brett King Brett King is a bestselling author and the founder of a breakout new retail banking […]

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Digilogue

Anything that can be digitalised, will be digitalised – Music, books, news, money…  Having said that, we should never forget the importance of the analogue world.  Furturist Anders Sorman-Nilsson thinks that Digilogue, that is combining both digital and analogue is the way to go.   Anders Sorman-Nilsson is Swedish-Australian, a reformed lawyer, and the founder and […]

Brett King @ Sberbank IT Session at Frankfurt EURO FINANCE WEEK 2012

Brett King, our most sought-after banking expert and speaker, and founder of the Movenbank spoke at Sberbank IT Session at Frankfurt EURO FINANCE WEEK 2012. Here is the video: Contact us at Speakers Connect at info@speakersconnect.com or +852 21654126 if you would like to engage Brett for your next event, or viist us for more top-notch International Speakers from us.