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Karen Leong, Author ‘Win People Over’, Joins Speakers Connect

Karen Leong

We at Speakers Connect, are proud to present Karen Leong, international thought leader and author of “Win People Over”. Karen is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a TEDx speaker and was featured as one of the ten influential professional speakers in Singapore by the Singapore Business Review. She is also the creator of the online Influencing Styles […]

Fredrik Haren Talked about Acceptance in 3 Mins, and Got a Standing Ovation

Fredrik Haren

International speaker, Fredrik Haren, shared his insights on acceptance, in just 3 mins, and got a standing ovation. “If you want to be a better person, go out and help as many people as you can, because you will help yourself.” Watch the rest of Fredrik’s acceptance speech below: Singapore-based Swedish entrepreneur, author and keynote […]

Rasmus Ankersen in Asia in Oct and Nov 2017

Rasmus Ankersen

Bestselling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Rasmus Ankersen will be in Asia this coming October and November 2017. Rasmus’ first international book “The Gold Mine Effect” is also one of his keynotes. It explores the performance development in the sporting world and what it means for business and life in general. Here is a quick glimpse of Rasmus Ankersen’s […]

Is Fredrik Haren the right speaker for you?

Fredrik Haren

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next event? Hear what the people who have listened to Fredrik Haren have to say about him as a speaker. Word of mouth and testimonials is by far the best way of selecting a speaker, together with hearing the speaker yourself of course. Singapore-based Swedish entrepreneur, author and […]

Fredrik Haren on the Life of a Global Keynote Speaker

Fredrik Haren

Fredrik Haren is called “The Global Conference Speaker” for good reason. In 2016 he was invited to speak in 23 different countries and territories around the world. Experience what it means to be a truly global keynote speaker! See his short video here. Singapore-based Swedish entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Fredrik Haren has had an amazing 2015. […]

Mark van Rijmenam Speaking on Data-Driven Business

Mark van Rijmenam

International speaker on disruption and global top 10 big data influencer Mark van Rijmenam , delivered the opening keynote for the 2016 London Big Data Week Conference in October. Mark tackled three major trends that businesses need to be aware of to truly become data-driven and stay on top of the competition: empowering the employees the importance […]

Mark Gallagher: Business Lessons from Formula One

Mark Gallagher

With over 30 years of experience in the fast-paced international motor racing industry, Mark Gallagher knows what it takes to power through and succeed at the world level. Mark has written books and keynoted on topics of business, leadership, teamwork and so much more. In the clip below, Mark Gallagher talks about the Business of Winning at […]

Fredrik Haren on Having a Global Mindset (and the Craziness of being an International Speaker)

Fredrik Haren

Entrepreneur, author and international speaker Fredrik Haren gives a little preview of what his week is like travelling all over the world to deliver speeches. Fredrik says that having a global mindset “..is not about leaving your home–it’s about making the rest of the world feel as much as your home as where you live.” Furthermore, he notes that […]

Fredrik Haren Shares The Excitement of Being an International Speaker

Fredrik Haren shares the excitement of being an International Speaker…  What happens if you go to work in 30+ countries in 12 months? You learn how similar we all are, diverse, yes, and yet so similar. You sense how we are all together on this small planet and you understand that we need to better […]

Fredrik Haren, the International Speaker

One of our most popular speakers, Fredrik Haren, easily travels some 200 days per year to speak at different client conferences and events. The many different cultures and ideas that he is exposed to bring him continuously new insights! Here is the picture of his five passports he shows (off) on Facebook. The Immigration Officer […]

Ken Hughes, Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, Joins Speakers Connect

We are proud to announce that Ken Hughes, Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist, joined us at Speakers Connect. Ken is a global thought leader in the areas of shopper psychology, consumer behaviour, shopper insight, demand-led retail technology and biometric shopper research. Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist. He is a global […]

Mike Walsh: Think Big, Think New, Think Quick

Mike Walsh, our most in demand Futurist speaker urges us to think big, think new, and most importantly, think quick.  And here is why: Mike has devoted his career to being digital. He ran the market leading consumer insights house Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific, and held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in […]

Frank Furness Shares Sales Tips

Frank Furness, expert sales speaker, shares great sales tips…    Frank Furness CSP is an internationally sought after motivational and after dinner speaker. His lively, enthusiastic and humorous style has inspired audiences all around the world. He is a specialist in sales, technology and social media and how they work in tandem to produce great results […]

Pankaj Ghemawat on Globalisation

It may seem that we’re living in a borderless world where ideas, goods and people flow freely from nation to nation. We’re not even close. With great data (and an eye-opening survey), Pankaj Ghemawat,  author of best-seller, World 3.0, argues that there’s a delta between perception and reality in a world that’s maybe not so hyperconnected after all. […]

Dr Alan Watkins on Managing Stress

Dr Alan Watkins is the founder and CEO of Complete Coherence Ltd. He is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. In the following video, Dr Alan Watkins shares with renowned Round the World yachtsman, Mike Golding, how – how to control the brain when under intense periods of stress. Executives attending past engagements by Alan have described […]

Darryl and Harmony Duo for Corporate Entertainment

Looking for corporate entertainment that is going to really impress your audience?  “Darryl and Harmony” father-dauther-duo, which won the ‘Entertainer of the Year’ 2012 in the Australian Event Awards is definite the top choice.   Darryl Lovegrove The name ‘Darryl Lovegrove’ is synonymous with entrepreneurialism, quality and innovation in the world of entertainment. An electrifying delivery […]